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LightYear Testimonials From Happy Customers 🙂

We have an endless stream of satisfied customers!
Watch how big this page gets in no time …

Len Obremski and Zio Android fone

Len Obremski and Zio Android fone

I live in the Phoenix area and my Wireless Service through LightYear has been fantastic. I purchased the Android Zio and could not be happier with the service and products.

Len Obremski
Phoenix, AZ

Anderson, Jesse & Zio

Jesse Anderson & his new Zio Android fone!

Hello Henry,
I just wanted you to know that I am so happy with my new ZIO PHONE by Sanyo.

Since I made the switch from Cricket to Lightyear Wireless, I have noticed that the data download time is FASTER with my new ZIO from Lightyear Wireless!

Thank you so much,

Jesse Anderson
With Free Wireless
Phoenix, AZ
May the power of your beliefs assist you in all that you strive for in this life.

Megan Davis with SI

Megan Davis with her new Samsung Instinct

Here I am with my new Samsung Instinct cell phone at the Dallas Zoo.

The Instinct is my first touch screen phone.  I have ready access to GPS, weather, Gmail, and more!

Megan Davis
Dallas, TX

Isabel Papagno with BB

Isabel Papagno with her Blackberry Curve

I had one of those AT&T rollover plans but even with lots of extra minutes there was always a part of my brain monitoring my usage – for good reason — because even with all those rollover minutes I still got slammed for all kinds of things, like a $34 call to Canada when I didn’t even realize I was calling Canada.  I argued they should use my free minutes.  They said no.  So I said goodbye.  Who cares about minutes anymore?  Not me.  Who cares about reaching an arbitrary data cap?  Not me.  And international calls?  When I can get them for about a penny a minute, I don’t have to think twice about that either.

I have to admit, it took a leap of faith to switch to a phone company I had never heard of, but I’ve been delighted with the service.  The very best thing though is the feeling of incredible freedom you get with Lightyear!  I’m going to spread my wings this summer and graduate from the older Blackberry technology to a super duper top of the line Android phone for an even better 4G mobile experience, which I will enjoy for free.  I love this company.

Isabel Papagno
Fort Lauderdale, FL

Chuck Hill & Hero

Chuck Hill & his new Hero Android fone!

Really enjoy my HTC Hero!

I owned an iPhone for 2 years and it was great but the Hero is even better – reliable, dependable, nice apps, easy to use, and removable battery (carry a spare for trips)!

Chuck Hill
Springfield, VA

Hey John,

I’m Stephen Miles and I joined Lightyear Wireless at the end of 2010.  During the Christmas holiday, we had house guests and all of them had cell phones.  I casually mentioned that I had become involved in a new venture in the wireless industry.  That “small talk” led to acquiring 4 customers who are saving just under $100 per month with Lightyear as compared to what they were paying to Verizon.

Miles, Stephen & Zio

Stephen Miles & his new Zio Android fone!

Prior to my service with Lightyear, I was on a month-to-month plan with Verizon brought about by allowing my last contract to expire in 2007 and not upgrading or purchasing a new phone.  Starting in 2003, Verizon billed me $102.32 month for 450 minutes of talk, text, Email, and Web for Blackberry, and there were times when those numbers were exceeded, resulting in higher charges.  Needless to say, for those months when the allotted minutes were unused, they didn’t rollover and my bill was not reduced.

Even with the cost of my new Sanyo Zio and 4 months of service at this writing, I’ve paid Lightyear $362.20, while Verizon would have billed me $409.28 over the same period.  Consider that my $59.99 service is free because I got 3 customers:  I only pay $4.19 in tax each month, for unlimited service!

My Sanyo Zio is very lightweight.  Talking on it makes it seem as though the other party is next to me.  It has great battery life, an awesome touch-screen, a great camera, many free applications, downloads web pages fast (love watching short videos on it), and the Zio has many other features that I haven’t even explored.  It is absolutely awesome talking about Lightyear and having the ability to demo my phone.

I am ecstatic after having ported my service to Lightyear and equally happy to have been presented such an awesome business opportunity.  There is much wisdom in “don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today.”  So, join Lightyear today as a Rep or Customer and reduce your cell phone costs.  Remember, we make a living by what we get.  We make a life by what we give.

L. Stephen Miles
Englewood, New Jersey
By way of Baton Rouge, LA

Jordon Yates & his new Zio

Jordon Yates & his new Zio Android fone!


I just wanted to write to tell you that I finally canceled my service with Sprint and got the Zio with Lightyear.  I was a bit reluctant at first because of some less enthusiastic reviews I read about the Zio, but when I saw the other testimonial you sent out about the Zio I decided to give it a try.  I’m glad that I did!

I like this phone much more than the HTC Hero I had with Sprint.  It’s lighter, the battery lasts longer, and the phone processes my requests without random freezes like I used to experience with my Hero.  Perhaps it could have just been the Hero unit I had that was slow at times.  Regardless, I’m really glad I switched!  There’s nothing wrong with this phone at all.  In my opinion, it’s much better than the Hero … and it’s almost half the price! 🙂

Thanks John!

Jordon Yates
Chicago, IL

Rob Kenyon & his Palm Treo

Rob Kenyon & his Palm Treo

This is a picture of me, Rob Kenyon, in Kekaha, Kauai, Hawaii, using my Palm Treo cell phone at 5:00AM talking to my team and prospects.  Using my FREE SERVICE I was able to earn $1100 plus while on a working vacation.  No dropped calls.  Great Service.

Before getting free service from Lightyear, I saved $90/month switching from a limited plan with Verizon to an unlimited plan with Lightyear.

Rob L Kenyon
Boulder, CO

Estelle Patenaude and her Palm Treo

Estelle Patenaude & her Palm Treo

Estelle Patenaude
Delray Beach, FL

Bob Ullman & his Palm Treo

Bob Ullman & his Palm Treo

This is Bob Ullman from Nashua NH.

I am real happy with my free Lightyear service.  I canceled my $100 a month contract with Sprint (which gave me only 450 land minutes), because I referred 3 in my first month and now have unlimited calls, data and text for free.

The quality of the reception and data are superb and I highly recommend Lightyear Wireless!

Bob Ullman
Nashua, NH

Artie Leonard & his credits for free wireless service!

Artie Leonard & his credits for free wireless service!

I am am saving $921.60 this year by switching to Lightyear Wireless.  The reception is great and I have NO minute restrictions or data cap like before!

Artie Leonard
Lakeville, MA

Henry Vigeant & his new Zio & free credits!

Henry Vigeant & his new Zio Android fone & free credits!

I am sharing with you my excitement.  As a long-time Verizon customer, paying $162 each month, I’m saving $1944.00 each year.  My family used this savings to have a wonderful Florida Vacation this year.

I am excited each and every day to use my Kyocero Zio.  As a Lightyear Rep we can save and get paid for something we have been doing our whole life, just like a good book or movie.  Just save people money on a bill they already pay!

Henry Vigeant
Vice President
Happy Lightyear Wireless Customer
Dover, DE

John saves $1200/year with LightYear!

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