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Make A Fortune In Wireless Gold RushThe Biggest Bargain In Wireless Telecom

And The Best Story In Network Marketing

If you prefer to watch video instead of read, we have several options for you:

We hear all the time about “getting in on the ground floor” of a company – well, how about getting in on the ground floor of an entire market?  We have an established company going after a huge, expanding market, and very few people know about this ground floor market yet!

After spending 17 years with Nu Skin and reaching the Millionaire’s Circle (PDF – front cover and page 18) with them, I did well, but I didn’t make retirement money.  So I started looking for another company that would have a similar long-term run.  Like most people do, I picked a couple dogs before I found the right one.  Here’s the end of my latest research.

Fortunes will be made from cell fone "screen real estate"!  Position NOW.Of all the companies I looked at, Lightyear Wireless was the only one that seemed to be capable of going from very small to very big, with a realistic shot at reaching a billion dollars in annual revenue.  That’s the same approach I took when I chose to work with Nu Skin in 1989, when it was a new company with tiny revenue of $5 million per month, reaching $50 million per month just two years later.

A good number of network marketers are familiar with the LightYear name, but almost all of them have zero idea why the company is positioned to be the next billion dollar MLM company.  You won’t get the big picture by watching a 3-minute video.  To reach a billion in revenue like Nu Skin (or any other MLM giant) did, you have to be part of a revolution and you have to be unique.  Below, I’ll explain those two things and several other topics.  Click on the areas you want to know more about:

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John Gordon Cini
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LightYear Wireless
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LightYear Wireless!

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$59.99/Month For Truly Unlimited Talk/Text/Web

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