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July 30, 2010


Here are some great links to gobble up during the weekend. I got so excited writing all this, it kept me up late last night. 🙂 Not only does this article make the case for LightYear’s revenue, after that I show evidence that the revenue will lead to huge numbers of millionaires.

The editor of wrote a review of LightYear back in Dec. 2009: “Lightyear Wireless: The Next Billion Dollar MLM Telecommunication Company.”

Select quotes:
– “Lightyear Wireless, as we know it today, launched in July of 2008, the foundation of this company is grounded in 16 years of research and development, and specifically since 2006. The Henderson family did not just get a wild hair one day and decide to launch an MLM division to their already multi-million dollar telecommunication company. Instead, they did what all successful business leaders do – they put a plan together.”
– “Unlike so many of the “wireless MLM companies” we have seen launch over the last few months, Lightyear Wireless is backed by a parent company with over 100,000 customers, including Applebees Restaurants, Capital One Financial, and, and doing over $80 million a year in revenue.”
– “Lightyear is a fully federally licensed telecommunication company. Now, this is HUGE for the Lightyear distributors. Unlike so many of the newly launched MLM wireless services, Lightyear OWNS their customers. They are not a reseller, or dealer for another telecommunication company.”
– “They buy wholesale space from two of the most respected Teir 1 provider companies in the wireless space, Sprint (for the Lightyear Pre-paid) and Verizon (for the post-paid Lightyear cell service.) … In other words, Lightyear markets, sells, ships, bills, collects, and supports their own customers. Sprint and Verizon DO NOT handle any of the Lightyear customers, nor do they have any or their records.”
– “They offered the industry’s first residual income compensation plan, where distributors are rewarded for the wireless volume each and every month. Not just a one-time upfront reward, but a never-ending, always growing, ‘Build It Once’ financial legacy.”
– “… when it comes to comp plans inside of the mini-niche of MLM telecommunication this is by far, the most fair I have seen to date.”
– “Not since my days with Art Williams and Hubert Humphrey have I seen a leadership team put so much focus on training. And this doesn’t even include the team sites I have reviewed from some of the top players in Lightyear.”
– “Although there is massive money to be earned in building a team in Lightyear, if a person just wanted to market wireless and get paid on the monthly residual, they could create a solid monthly income which would eventually replace their current JOB, in my opinion.”

This comparison site was created by LightYear’s top money-maker, Ben Sturtevant. While this side-by-side comparison puts a hurt on ACN, one of the key distinctions that’s missing from this comparison is the foundational difference between the two companies (which was touched on above): ACN is a “RESELLER” (i.e., middleman), while LightYear is a “WHOLESALER” (“MVNO,” Mobile Virtual Network Operator, which controls their customers and sets their own pricing, but pays a wholesale price to use an existing network backbone from Verizon, Sprint, etc.). The difference is dramatic, since a wholesaler can create massive margins while a reseller can only markup existing prices, leaving little room for margin.

Excel Telecomm in 7 years went from startup to $1 billion in annual revenue and is the only networking company to pay a rep $1 million/month in commissions.  See it with your own eyes in the January/February 2007 issue of “Millionaire Blueprint” magazine (downloadable PDF), where the cover calls Paul Orberson “Excelʼs ‘Million-Dollar-A-Month’ man” and Orberson himself is quoted, “I made over a million dollars a month for several months.”  (You have to endure promotion of his current company, FHTM, which is a business that has long since run its course ($10 million/month in revenue after 10 years in business), and is facing some serious legal problems.  But Orberson’s poor-to-rich story is fascinating, unique, and inspiring.)  Also, you’ll find third-party validation of Excel’s revenue ($1.4 billion in 1996) in the summary of the book, “The Excel Phenomenon: The Astonishing Success Story of the Fastest-Growing Communications Company–and What It Means to You,” which quotes that revenue figure on page 4 and also on page 187.

Why is Excel’s accomplishment significant?  Because they did it by getting existing customers of other companies to switch to Excel’s long distance, and it was all about saving people money on a product they already buy.  Does that sound familiar?  Yes, that’s LightYear’s same strategy, but it’s for wireless cell fones, not long distance.  There’s serious margin and income here, so all we have to do is flip’m.

If you poke around online, you’ll see a lot of trash about Excel going bankrupt (2004, after going public and then merging with a huge telecom company, the owner basically ditching the rep force, and other unsavory actions) and how very few people made money, but that’s all griping after the fact.  When Excel was rockin’, no one was complaining – I know because I was constantly getting prospected, but I was at my highest income with Nu Skin when Excel was peaking, so I wasn’t interested at the time.  Another pertinent point is that the owner of Excel basically sold the company to cash out, possibly because he saw the end of long distance nearing, but knowing that the rep force would get demolished in the process.  The ownership of LightYear actually loves his rep force and wants to help people, not crush them as he takes the money and runs.

I don’t have data for Excel, but I do for Nu Skin (NS), again, because I was there (my own story was in the Nu Skin mag. back in Sep. 2003 (page 18) (PDF)), and also because they publish their income stats.  Over a 10-year period, 1988-1998, NS revenue went from $5 million/month to almost $100 million/month, and in the process created 600+ people who earned $1 million.  Each year now, NS does over $1 billion in revenue.  Its “25 Years of Celebrating Millionaires” 25th anniversary brochure says (page 3, first sentence of second paragraph), “To date, Nu Skin has made over 600 millionaires globally …” The point is that Excel didn’t reach $1 billion in revenue and NOT create hundreds of millionaires.  And continuing that theme, if (when) LightYear reaches $1 billion in revenue, they, too, will create hundreds of millionaires.

Two of my favorite online resources to track wireless companies’ activity:

LightYear currently has revenues of only $4 or $5 million/month, with less than 100,000 reps. It’s “the best kept secret in networking,” but it will quickly lose that distinction as the word gets out.

Get your own piece of the $160 billion pie!

John Cini
Regional Manager
LightYear Wireless
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  1. July 31, 2010 14:38

    Hey John, great article!

    Also, more good news…the wireless industry in the USA alone did almost $200 BILLION last year!

    The link above will give you a lot of great statistics. Add the Wireless Revenue Number $152.6 billion and Data Revenue $45 billion to get a total of $194.1 BILLION last year…and it is growing!

    That is NOT phones, apps or accessories!

    That is JUST billing for talk, text and data…and again…that is JUST in the U.S.A.

    let’s go get our share!



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  2. Lightyear Wireless NMBJ’s “Company of the Month” for December 2010! « Antipaper's Financial Parachute

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