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2. Why LightYear Is Unique

Make A Fortune In Wireless Gold RushWhy Lightyear Can Grab Significant Market Share

2.  Why LightYear is unique in an industry that is raking in the money when most of the economy is in serious trouble.


Here’s the quick list, and then the points are explained in detail below:

  • 1.  Publicly-traded telecom company (the only MLM wireless co. with this status)
  • 2.  Prepared for huge growth – they’ve been thru it before (the infrastructure is already in place)
  • 3.  The BEST unlimited cell fone plan on the market, period (no other wireless company offers as much in an unlimited plan)
  • 4.  Customer Referral Program gives customers the ability to get free wireless service every month (the only company in the entire wireless industry to offer this)
  • 5.  Full smartphone selection from one of the big-4 wireless companies (the only prepaid company in the wireless industry to offer this)
  • 6.  Pays residuals on actual fone usage (the only MLM co. to do so)

Click to see our prepaid lineup and get your own incredible deal!1.  Unlike so many of the “MLM wireless companies” launched over the last couple years, Lightyear Wireless is backed by a publicly-traded telecom company, Lightyear Network Solutions (OTC:LYNS.OB), with more than 60,000 customers (quoted in this quarterly report, p. 15), including Applebees Restaurants, Capital One, and  Lightyear provides telecommunications services in 49 states and Puerto Rico and is a licensed local carrier in 44 statesIn 2004 Lightyear built its own VoIP network to enhance its product offerings.  Plus, for ten years LightYear was a DSA-approved provider to the network marketing industry, offering private-labeled telecom services to several MLMs, including Melaleuca, Usana, and Nikken.

On top of that, they’re a federally-licensed telecom (CLEC), an FCC-listed MVNO (official FCC PDF here), and have wholesale agreements with both Verizon and Sprint (mentioned on both of those companies’ websites).  LightYear has a market cap of $60 Million (as of March 25, 2011), significant financial backing, and an impressive board of directors.

Each one of those statements above distinguishes LightYear from every other MLM wireless company.  None of the other companies can say they’re traded publicly, they’re a CLEC, an MVNO, or have wholesale agreements with 2 of the big 3 wireless telecoms.  LightYear markets, sells, ships, bills, collects, and supports their own customers.  Sprint and Verizon DO NOT handle any of the LightYear customers, nor do they have any of their records.  Unlike so many of the newly launched MLM wireless services, LightYear OWNS their customers.  They are not a reseller or dealer for another telecom company, which means they set the pricing and control the margin.

2.  Lightyear Wireless was launched in July of 2008, but the publicly-traded parent company began operations back in 1993 and reached #19 on the 1998 Inc. 500 List (company’s original name was “Uni-Dial”), with more than $200 million in revenue.  So the company has experienced going from small to big before, and has the infrastructure already in place to take their Wireless operation from $5 million/month to $50 million/month quickly.

3.  LightYear has the BEST unlimited cell fone plan in the wireless industry, period.  No other company offers anywhere near what you get from LightYear for $59.99!  Some others say they have unlimited talk, text, and web for $45 or $50 per month, but by the time you wade thru all their fine print, you’ll wish you had our $59.99 plan.  See LightYear comparisons to prepaid companies Cricket and StraightTalk.  And see section #8 (“Simple Math: Save $500 to $1000 Per Year!”) of the LY Intro for a video explanation and thorough plan details.

The company is saving people money on a product they already buy, and it’s a residual.  So we have a very attractive product and a huge reason for everyone to join.  I paid $117/month ($99+taxes) to Sprint for years for unlimited everything; Lightyear offers Sprint prepaid unlimited everything for $59.99/month (about $64/month with taxes).  I saved $53/month (nearly $650/year) by changing from postpaid to prepaid.  Who would NOT do that?  You+3=FreeEven better, as a rep, when you get 3 customers on prepaid, your $59.99 is paid by LightYear (so your cost is ZERO).  The slogan is, “You + 3 = FREE!

I haven’t had to pay a cell bill for 9 months now.  You can see my March 2011 LightYear wireless bill and minutes used on my blog at

4.  More importantly for consumers, as of Sept. 1, 2010, LightYear is the only company in the entire industry that offers customers the ability to get free wireless service for as long as they’re a customer.

With the new Customer Referral Program, if customers refer 5 friends who get a prepaid plan, they’ll get a $60 credit on their own cell bill.  So if a customer has 5 people get service and continue paying their bills every month, that customer gets free service, every month those 5 pay their bills.  Here’s the key:  NO OTHER COMPANY OFFERS CUSTOMERS THE ABILITY TO GET FREE CELL SERVICE EVERY MONTH!  To verify this program exists, watch this 3-minute video.

EVERYONE wants to find out how to get free wireless for life, or at least how to save $500 to $1000 per year on their cell bill.  That’s what we do:  save people money on a bill they already pay!

5.  In May 2011, LightYear became the first prepaid company to carry the top of the line phones offered by one of the big-4 carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile).  In other words, those 4 have not shared their smartphones with any non-contract plan until now.  Furthermore, of those 4, other than Sprint, only AT&T has introduced a smartphone into its prepaid ‘GoPhone’ brand (in the graph below, on the far right).  Sprint offers 3 smartphones thru the two prepaid brands it owns, Boost & Virgin, but it’s breaking barriers with the LightYear arrangement, because LightYear is a wholesale partner with Sprint, but a completely separate company.  To verify this information, look at LightYear’s phone selection (reflecting the Sprint line by June 1, 2011) and watch the April 8, 2011, video of Sprint’s National Account Manager for Wholesale, Gordon Simonson (video at bottom of section #4, Corporate Details).

6.  No other MLM wireless company pays residual income on actual fone usage.  This was a complete game-changer when LightYear first introduced this in 2008, and now LightYear’s rep incomes are beginning to reflect it.  See section #5 (Compensation) of the LY Intro for specifics.

See our wireless offerings on our site specifically for customers

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