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3. Why LightYear Is A Completely Different Company Today

Make A Fortune In Wireless Gold RushWhy LightYear pre-2011 ≠ LightYear 2011

3.  Why LightYear is a completely different company in 2011 than it was the year before.

Three things changed dramatically at LightYear over the last six months:

  1. Free Service For Customers – The Customer Referral Program launched, separating LightYear from everyone else in the industry, as the only company to offer customers the ability to get free wireless service.  This new, unmatched program is a total game-changer.  The details are online, and to see specifics about this program, watch this 3-minute video.
  2. Android Smartphone Inventory – LightYear finally gained access to Sprint’s fone lineup, giving them the latest and greatest devices, with no inventory delays or product-quality challenges.  Offering quality fones is clearly a critical part of the business.  LightYear’s new 100% Android Smartphone lineup will be in place by June 2011.  Inadequate fone selection was one of the biggest objections we heard – now that is no longer an issue.
  3. Veteran Networkers Generating Big Income – A new Rep joined LightYear in July, 2010, and over his first six months earned $300,000, proving there’s significant money in the compensation plan and that you can make a fortune quickly by building a humongous network.

This new rep in FL had approximately 350 people watch a Saturday webcast, which led to 189 enrolling that week.  Since then, he has built his downline to 6000+ reps, on pace to surpass a 7-figure income for 2011.  His Mar. 2011 checks are pictured here, totaling $52K.  Bonus amounts are NOT included in those totals.  Most importantly, he has a 5-figure monthly residual income already in place.

LightYear’s top earner, Ben Sturtevant, is 33 years old (in 2010), worked part-time in a couple other networking companies (Excel Telecom and one other that didn’t go very far), topping out around $15K/mo. before joining Lightyear.  His 2009 Lightyear income was $756,000, and in April 2010 he exceeded $100,000 for the first time.  Two-thirds of that income was residual, meaning from people paying their bills, not from enrollments (new reps joining).  As of mid-2010, there were only about 60,000 reps enrolled (with 20,000 active), with revenue of about $4 million/mo.  Even now with publicly reported 2010 revenue of $52 million, the timing is still very early.  In the updated list of Top 100 Direct Sales Earners posted April, 2011 at, Ben is listed at #98.

LightYear offered the wireless industry’s first residual income compensation plan, where distributors are rewarded for wireless volume each and every month.  Not just a one-time upfront reward, but a never-ending, always growing, “Build It Once” financial legacy.  Although there is massive money to be earned in building a team in Lightyear, if a person just wanted to market wireless and get paid on the monthly residual, they could create a solid monthly income which would eventually replace their current JOB.

And of course there’s also serious bonus money for top reps who want to be rewarded for rapidly rolling out a huge network.  Read this section for complete compensation info.

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