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8. Simple Math: Save $500 to $1000 Per Year!

Make A Fortune In Wireless Gold RushLightYear’s Simple Math:
Save $500 to $1000 Per Year!

8.  Simple Math: Save $500 to $1000 Per Year!

See all of our fones and plans here.

Want to save a lot of money every year?  It’s there waiting for you:

Ditch the contract,
switch to prepaid!

Even including the cost of buying a new cell fone, you can save hundreds of dollars a year.  If you spend $300 for a new fone (I picked an expensive, high-end one), that’s $25/month you’d have to save over one year to cover it, right?  Well, if your cell bill drops from $99/month (which is Sprint’s contract, unlimited everything plan, $117/month after taxes and fees) to $59.99/month ($64/month after taxes and fees), as mine did, that’s $53/month ($630/year) saved, easily covering the cost of the new fone plus giving you another $300, and that’s only in the first year.  That’s using the same cell service, the Sprint nationwide 3G network, which gives me the same coverage area on prepaid as I had on contract, here on the east coast.

Anyone who pays $100+/month (or goes over their minutes every month) is CRAZY not to get LightYear’s unlimited plan!

Before we talk about how to get free service, here are the specifics on LightYear’s $59.99 Truly Unlimited Everything plan:

  • Unlimited talk, text, and web
  • No fine print, no limitations, no gotcha: “unlimited” means unlimited (I know, amazing)
  • Unlimited International Texting – from the USA, send & receive to any other country
  • Unlimited Tethering – run your laptop’s internet off your cell fone’s internet
  • Massively discount on phones if you port (transfer) your existing cell number
  • No number port = sixth month free (over 12 months reduces price to $55/month)
  • Optional $9.99 International Package: up to 1000 Minutes (as low as a penny/minute), calling to 96 countries

Two other considerations when comparing competitors:

  • Our unlimited data plan has no max usage amount and delivers high quality, dependable internet service, and also allows tethering of your laptop computer. If you do business with a $10 or $15 cheaper plan, don’t be surprised at the super-slow data delivery.
  • Your customer service happens right here in the USA, and you have a 2-week trial period to make sure your reception is satisfactory.

On top of that, if you become a LightYear Rep and get 3 customers to use the service (which can be family members at the same address), your $59.99/mo. then drops to $0, which is another $720/year saved ($60/month x 12).  So if you go from a $120/mo. cell bill to $0, that’s $1400/year saved, over how many years …  Easy choice, IMO (in my opinion).  You+3=Free!

If you consider the cost of doing business as a Rep, at $325 to start and $49.99/mo., that’s $900 the first year and $600 in subsequent years (tax deductible expenses, by the way) – you’re saving a LOT more than that just from your cell bill, not counting any commissions you earn!

If you choose to be a customer, not a Rep, you can still get free LightYear service every month, simply by getting 5 customers to use the service (which can be family members at the same address) – again, your $59.99/mo. then drops to $0. There’s no extra money to pay, and there’s no limit on how many customers can be at a single address: if you have a business, this amounts to every sixth fone free!  The details are online, and to see specifics about this program, watch this 3-minute video.

This isn’t theory – we have hundreds and hundreds of people now getting free cell service with Lightyear Wireless.  I personally haven’t paid a cell bill since Aug. 2010.

With our 3 not-unlimited, less-expensive prepaid calling plans, you can add:

  • Unlimited text package: $20/month
  • Int’l Calling package: $10/month (96 countries for 1 cent/minute; when you use it up, you can buy another pkg for $10)

If you have children who don’t talk much but text all day, our 200-minute plan is $20/month + $20 for unlimited texting = $40/month.  And unused minutes rollover to the next month.

See all of our fones and plans here.

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