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6. Lightyear Wireless: “The Next Billion Dollar MLM Telecommunication Company”

Make A Fortune In Wireless Gold RushLightyear Wireless = $1 Billion Annual Revenue?

6.  Lightyear Wireless: “The Next Billion Dollar MLM Telecommunication Company”

The editor of wrote a review of LightYear back in Dec. 2009:  “Lightyear Wireless: The Next Billion Dollar MLM Telecommunication Company.”  There’s plenty of evidence that he’s an impartial observer of the direct sales world, with no ties whatsoever to LightYear and no reason to make any judgments other than by looking at the facts.

Select quotes:

  • “Lightyear Wireless, as we know it today, launched in July of 2008, the foundation of this company is grounded in 16 years of research and development, and specifically since 2006. The Henderson family did not just get a wild hair one day and decide to launch an MLM division to their already multi-million dollar telecommunication company. Instead, they did what all successful business leaders do – they put a plan together.”
  • “Unlike so many of the “wireless MLM companies” we have seen launch over the last few months, Lightyear Wireless is backed by a parent company with over 100,000 customers, including Applebees Restaurants, Capital One Financial, and, and doing over $80 million a year in revenue.”
  • “Lightyear is a fully federally licensed telecommunication company. Now, this is HUGE for the Lightyear distributors. Unlike so many of the newly launched MLM wireless services, Lightyear OWNS their customers. They are not a reseller, or dealer for another telecommunication company.”
  • They buy wholesale space from two of the most respected Tier 1 provider companies in the wireless space, Sprint (for the Lightyear Pre-paid) and Verizon (for the post-paid Lightyear cell service.)  … In other words, Lightyear markets, sells, ships, bills, collects, and supports their own customers. Sprint and Verizon DO NOT handle any of the Lightyear customers, nor do they have any or their records.”
  • “They offered the industry’s first residual income compensation plan, where distributors are rewarded for the wireless volume each and every month. Not just a one-time upfront reward, but a never-ending, always growing, ‘Build It Once’ financial legacy.”
  • “… when it comes to comp plans inside of the mini-niche of MLM telecommunication this is by far, the most fair I have seen to date.”
  • “Not since my days with Art Williams and Hubert Humphrey have I seen a leadership team put so much focus on training. And this doesn’t even include the team sites I have reviewed from some of the top players in Lightyear.”
  • “Although there is massive money to be earned in building a team in Lightyear, if a person just wanted to market wireless and get paid on the monthly residual, they could create a solid monthly income which would eventually replace their current JOB, in my opinion.”

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