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4. LightYear Corporate Details

Make A Fortune In Wireless Gold Rush LightYear Is Not A Risky Startup

4.  LightYear Corporate details

Verification websites:

Chris Sullivan, Founder & former CEO of Outback Steakhouse Restaurants, is LightYear’s #2 investor and sits on the Board of Directors.  LightYear’s current capacity is “over a million customers” and current cust. count is over 60,000, including Harrah’s, Applebee’s, LexisNexis, ClearChannel.  (You can verify all of this on the corp. site.)

Gordon Simonson, Sprint National Account Manager for Wholesale, gave an incredible talk on Sprint’s relationship with LightYear and mentioned some of the future plans.  The credibility from that talk should distinguish LightYear from everyone else, for good.  The video is in two parts below.
Part 1:

Select quotes from his talk:

  • “I’ve managed [the LightYear account] now for 7 years.”
  • “LightYear & Sprint have been doing business closer to 15 years.”
  • On the wholesale business arrangement with LightYear:  “The way we like to build relationships with our customers – it’s a partnership.  … We don’t have a contract … everything is negotiable. … We’re very open, very partnership-focused.”
  • “Everybody knows Sherm [Henderson, LightYear Founder & CEO] … He is the ‘Mayor of Telecom.'”
  • “Devices that Sprint is rolling out … about a week later they’ll be available to LightYear.”
  • “We’re releasing [4G] to our wholesale customers in June/July of this year.”

Part 2:

Before joining LightYear, I spent several hours on the fone with 3 of the top 5 highest-earning reps and also with the #2 Corp. guy, VP of Sales.  I was very impressed with their openness, eagerness to talk to me, and their enthusiasm for the business.  Also, management is willing to communicate and listen to the field much more than any other company I’ve joined.  It’s a humble, hard-working group running LightYear!

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