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Lightyear Wireless Spring Fever Sale: 2 Weeks Left, Thru May 20!

May 6, 2011

LightYear Wireless!Two weeks left in our amazing Spring Fever Sale, thru May 20.  Save $25 to $100 on EVERY phone in Lightyear’s inventory by porting (transferring) your existing number to Lightyear AND getting our $59.99 Truly Unlimited Talk, Text, and Web Plan on the Sprint nationwide, 3G network!  Shop here.

  • $199.99 for the brand-new Android Sanyo Zio.  It’s our hottest phone and it’s getting rave reviews from our rep force.  This thin, durable, large-screen phone was $274.99 from us just two months ago.
  • $94.99 for the brand-new Samsung Seek, which has a large touch-screen, a pull-out keyboard, and surfs the internet.  Two months ago we offered the Seek for $164.99.  Sprint currently sells it without contract for $229.99, Amazon does the same for $199.99, and BoostMobile has it for $149.99.
  • $24.99 for the brand-new Sanyo 2700 Black (Pink is ONLY $19.99).  BoostMobile sells the exact same phone (they call it the “Juno”) for $79.99.  Two months ago we sold it for $124.99.
  • $99.99 for the Samsung Instinct m800, new, out-of-the-box.  This is the device that two years ago challenged the iPhone.  Now it’s under $100.
  • $314.99 for the Android HTC Hero, new, out-of-the-box.  This is the predecessor to the EVO, which we’ll have in June.  The price is about as low as price you’ll find a Hero for.
  • $49.99 for the Blackberry Curve 8330 Gray, Certified Pre-Owned.  If you’ve gotta have a Blackberry and you’re low on funds, here you go!
  • $9.99 LG Rumor 2, Certified Pre-Owned, one of the best prices in the history of Lightyear Wireless.  Don’t need to surf the internet, or want to get a kid a phone at a super-low price?
  • $9.99 Sanyo Katana 2 Pink, new, out-of-the-box.  People still love this camera flip-phone.

After the first month, if you want to downgrade to one of our lesser plans, you can do that.  See all our phones & plans.

You+5=Free!”  Refer 5 people who get service and yours is free every month those 5 pay their bill.  A friend of mine just switched to LightYear, and he said his wife and son will get service when their contracts end soon, and then he said he knows a couple friends who need to save money on their bills.  That’s 4 right there, and all he needs is one more for free service every month!  Read it with your own eyes.

Not only will Lightyear Wireless SAVE customers more than 50% off AT&T and Verizon’s rates on unlimited talk/text/web, we also give customers a GREAT phone at a GREAT price!

Anyone who’s paying anywhere near $100 a month on their cell bill is crazy not to switch to our $59.99 plan – that would save you approximately $500 per year!  With No Contract, No Commitment, No Deposits, and No Hassles, you also can send unlimited international texts and tether your computer, all for $59.99!  No other company gives you all that for such a low price, and you can reduce your cost to FREE simply by referring five friends to Lightyear.

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