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April 3, 2011

RIM (Blackberry) lost 12% market share in one quarter?  YIKE!  Can you say, “The party’s over!”?  (For those of you questioning my “12%” number when looking at the “-4.6% number below, the -4.6% is how much of the US market they lost; whereas, I’m taking RIM’s former “33.5%” as 100% of what they had:  reducing it to “28.9%” is losing 12% of what they had, just as if the 33.5% went to zero would be losing 100% of what they had.)  This is more validation of LightYear’s impending move to the Android platform, announced in the green monster image below.

Soon that current 28.9% BB number will be close to zero – you can bank on that.  Why?  Because of their crappy syncing with computers, their ridiculous “pay-us-extra,” nose-in-the-air fees, and their inability to put out quality fones.  Oh, they’ll change all those things, and some they have already, but it’s too late.  BB had me as a customer for 18 months, but I’d never go back to them.

One other observation:  there have been numerous predictions of a surge by Microsoft’s Mobile OS, “Windows Phone” (such as below, “Windows Phone has a big opportunity with Nokia”) – but why would Windows, Palm, or any other OS not be part of the Android STOMPING?  Just because Nokia recently became a MSFT tool, doesn’t change the impact of Google’s Android.  The free market is choosing Android, and Google’s Android OS will be to mobile devices what MSFT’s OS was to computers.  Bolded comments are mine.

Update Apr. 5: see “Android Is Destroying Everyone, Especially RIM — iPhone Dead In Water.”  Quotes from the article:

  • Google’s Android OS has gained an astonishing 7 points of market share in the US smartphone market in the past three months, Comscore says.”
  • RIM’s market share over the same period collapsed, dropping almost 5 points.”
  • Apple’s iPhone share increased slightly, but is dead in the water and has now fallen way behind Android (in smartphones).”
  • The Android gains matter because technology platform markets tend to standardize around a single dominant platform (see Windows in PCs, Facebook in social, Google in search).  And the more dominant the platform becomes, the more valuable it becomes and the harder it becomes to dislodge.”
  • Importantly, it’s not a question of which platform is “better.” (This is irrelevant.) It’s a question of which platform everyone else uses.  And increasingly, in the smartphone market, barring a radical change in trend, that’s Android.”
  • So that’s why Android’s gains matter.  And, yes, Apple fans should be scared to death about them.”
  • Apple is fighting a very similar war to the one it fought–and lost–in the 1990s.”



Android passes BlackBerry in the US
By Emil Protalinski,
Published: April 2, 2011, 11:13 AM EST

69.5 million people in the US owned smartphones during the three months ending in February 2011, up 13 percent from the preceding three-month period.  For the first time, more Americans are using phones running Google’s Android operating system than Research In Motion’s BlackBerry, according to comScore.  Having passed the iPhone in the preceding three-month period, this now means that Android has been crowned king in the US.  Google captured first place among smartphone platforms by moving from 26.0 percent to 33.0 percent of US smartphone subscribers, RIM fell to second place by going from 33.5 percent to 28.9 percent market share of smartphones, and Apple slipped to third despite its growth from 25.0 percent to 25.2 percent of the market.  Microsoft, in fourth place, fell from 9.0 percent to 7.7 percent while the HP-owned Palm was still last and further slipped from 3.9 percent to 2.8 percent.

It seems that our prediction last month that Android would pass BlackBerry next while iOS would barely move has come to pass.  All that remains to be seen is whether RIM will maintain second place or fall to third and let iOS take second.

Given how quickly the mobile market is growing, these rankings will not be maintained for very long.  Windows Phone has a big opportunity with Nokia, and HP is planning on giving webOS quite a boost in the next few years.


New LightYear Flyer/Banner:

LightYear Android Invasion

2011 LightYear Android Invasion!

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