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Cricket vs. LightYear

March 26, 2011


Over at Cricket, check out their statement in writing, where they say, not once, not twice, but 3 times that their plan is unlimited, before they hit you with the fine print, which I highlighted in red below (and it’s tiny on their site):

(1) “Unlimited $55 Android Plan”

(2) “You pay $55 per month, period.  No monthly data fee required.  Other carriers charge up to $30 a month in data fees.  At Cricket it’s simple:  get unlimited talk, text and data and use your Android Smartphone to stay connected, anywhere within Cricket’s nationwide coverage area.”

(3) “Get an unlimited Android Smartphone plan today with no additional fees, no contracts and no catch.”

Rate plan contains a 1GB data usage level.  Once you reach your usage level your speeds will be reduced.  See our Fair Use Policy for details.

After that little curveball, watch the fastball they throw right at your face, directly after telling you “unlimited” isn’t unlimited:

Coverage not available everywhere.  We may limit or terminate your service without prior notice if you no longer reside and have a mailing address in a Cricket-owned network coverage area or if a majority of your voice and/or data usage is on a partner network during the previous month.

The Cricket plan is $55 – LightYear’s is $59.99 without the games, headaches, and limitations!  Anyone who knows how to use a smartphone will appreciate that immediately.  Add on tethering and international texting, and our $59.99 is a bargain all day and much better than Cricket’s $55.  And that’s before we talk about getting 5 referrals for free service.

When it comes to value for your money, LightYear continues to have the most comprehensive data package in the industry!

Check out the “Spring Fever Sale” that just started this week, where all of our fones are discounted from $25 to as much as $90 off their regular prices.

John Gordon Cini
Vice President
LightYear Wireless
703.ATM.KEYS (703.286.5397)

Skype: antipaper
$59.99/Month For Unlimited Talk/Text/Web

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