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Sprint brings Google Voice to wireless customers without porting fees

March 22, 2011

Here’s another way LightYear separates themselves from the rest of the wireless companies today.  Using Google Voice saves time and money.

Sprint brings Google Voice to wireless customers without porting fees
March 21, 2011 — 11:26am ET | By Mike Dolan

It’s been a crazy weekend for wireless companies as AT&T looks into purchasing T-Mobile.  Many wonder what competitor, Sprint, will do in response to the heating up competition.  While probably not a response to the latest uprising in the wireless business world, adopting Google Voice is one thing that might help its business along.

The wireless company will offer Google’s Voice on all of their phones, while allowing customers to use their existing Sprint wireless numbers.  The move makes Sprint the first (and currently only) wireless carrier to allow customers to use existing mobile phone numbers with Google Voice without having to pay porting fees.

The service will allow Sprint customers to take advantage of the forwarding and voicemail services that Google offers allowing them to take calls to their Sprint number on multiple devices including their computer.  Newer Android phones will come preloaded with the Google Voice app.


In the post “Sprint Now Welcomes Over The Top Plays With Google Voice Move,” author Andy Abramson calls Sprint “the company that has always been first in mobile and network innovation,” and says Sprint “has broken ranks with the rest of the mobile operators and embraced the concept of the Over the Top play with Google Voice.


“I find the Google Voice service invaluable, and due to native integration, it’s a key reason why I’ve used both Google’s Android mobile platform and it’s Gmail services for the past several years.  For those not familiar, Google Voice allows free calls and texts in the U.S. and Canada, can ring multiple handsets for incoming calls and supports voicemail transcription which forwards messages via email or SMS.  In short, it’s an intelligent way to manage voice communications; especially for those with multiple phones or phone numbers.”

“Sprint likely gains in this deal as well: until another carrier decides to follow, Sprint has another service differentiator to tout.


From the Google Voice blog (watch the 1-minute video there):

“Sprint customers will be able to use their existing Sprint mobile number as their Google Voice number and have it ring multiple other phones simultaneously.  So now, calls to your Sprint mobile number can easily be answered from your office or your home phone, or even your computer through Gmail.  Calls from Gmail and text messages sent from will also display your Sprint number.  This basically gives Sprint customers all the benefits of Google Voice without the need to change or port their number.

“Alternatively, Google Voice users can choose to replace their Sprint number with their Google Voice number when placing calls or sending text messages from their Sprint handset.  This feature works on all Sprint phones and gives Sprint users all the benefits of Google Voice without the need for an app.

In both cases, Google Voice replaces Sprint voicemail, giving Sprint customers transcribed voicemail messages available online and sent via email and/or text message.  International calls made from Google Voice users’ Sprint phones will be connected by Google Voice at our very low rates, and Sprint customers will also have access to the rest of Google Voice’s features, like creating personalized voicemail greetings based on who’s calling, call recording, blocking unwanted callers and more.”

Note:  LightYear’s international rates are much lower.  Contact us for more information.

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