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Simple Math: Save $500 to $1000 Per Year!

August 19, 2010

LightYear’s Simple Math:
Save $500 to $1000 Per Year!

Want to save a lot of money every year?  It’s there waiting for you:

Ditch the contract,
switch to prepaid!

Even including the cost of buying a new cell fone, you can save hundreds of dollars a year.  If you spend $400 for a new fone (I picked an expensive, high-end one), that’s $35/month you’d have to save over one year to cover it, right?  Well, if your cell bill drops from $99/month (which is Sprint’s contract, unlimited everything plan, $117/month after taxes and fees) to $59.99/month ($65/month after taxes and fees), as mine did, that’s $50/month ($600/year) saved, easily covering the cost of the new fone plus giving you another $200, and that’s only in the first year.  That’s using the same cell service, the Sprint 3G network, which gives me the exact same coverage area on prepaid as I had on contract, here in the Wash. DC area.

On top of that, if you become a LightYear Rep and get 3 customers to use the service (at any of our prepaid levels), your $59.99/mo. then drops to $0, which is another $720/year saved ($60/month x 12).  So if you go from a $120/mo. cell bill to $0, that’s $1400/year saved, over how many years … Easy choice, IMO (in my opinion).

If you consider the cost of doing business as a Rep, at $299 to start and $49.99/mo., that’s $900 the first year and $600 in subsequent years (tax deductible expenses, by the way) – you’re saving a LOT more than that just from your cell bill, not counting any commissions you earn!

With our prepaid calling plans, you can add:

  • Unlimited text package: $20/month
  • Int’l Calling package: $10/month (96 countries for 1 cent/minute; when you use it up, you can buy another pkg for $10)

If you have children who don’t talk much but text all day, our 200-minute plan is $20/month + $20 for unlimited texting = $40/month! And unused minutes rollover to the next month!

Two other considerations when comparing competitors:

  • Our unlimited data plan has no max usage amount and delivers high quality, dependable internet service, and also allows tethering of your laptop computer.  If you do business with a $10 or $15 cheaper plan, don’t be surprised at the super-slow data delivery.
  • Your customer service happens right here in the USA, and you have a 2-week trial period to make sure your reception is satisfactory.

See all of our fones and plans here.

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