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Survey of 1000 Direct Sellers: “Communicating” and “How to Present” Are Top 2 Concerns

August 16, 2010

Survey of 1000 Direct Sellers:
“Communicating” and “How to Present”
Are Top 2 Concerns

My business partner and one of the best sales trainers on the planet, Mark Januszewski, is making huge waves again. Come hear what his take is on two subjects, “Listening” and “How to Present,” in two free webcasts, Aug. 29 and 30.  From Mark:

Recently I ran survey, 1000 people …
Results were pretty cool, a little surprising about what people want to learn…..
BOTTOM LINE: It was clear that communicating with prospects better and ‘how to’ present were run away winners

We’ll be doing 2 live webcasts – Listening and How to Present. You can get the details here, always free, no upsells, just information folks can instantly use:

mark j

P.S. For leaders: we ran a second survey to folks making $5000 a month or more and we found it really interesting that the #1 thing leaders wanted was presentation construction, not just for biz ops but for trainings. The formula for constructing an effective presentation is covered in detail and works equally well for biz ops 1:1, biz ops meetings/webcasts, trainings.

If you’re not familiar with Mark, he was just interviewed on the “Home Based Business Live” Radio Show (his bio is also there).

  • Want to learn how to sponsor more people?
  • Everybody knows it is a lot of work getting prospects to even look.
  • We email, call, text links. Finally, we get to make a presentation.
  • And? They do not join. Ever wonder why excited prospects don’t join?
  • I sure do – it’s frustrating and baffling, but I learned how to make presentations that made it easy for prospects to join.
  • My conversation rate went off the chart and networking became fun and highly profitable.
  • Why? I found out what prospects really want to know and how to present in a way that they understand.

I’ve been working directly with Mark, “The World’s Laziest Networker,” for over a year now. I am constantly picking up great ideas from him. He’s not really lazy – he is just amazingly effective and efficient.

There are 2 things you can count on by attending these webcasts.

  1. You’ll get more people to presentations and convert 90% of them.
  2. He’s not selling anything.

Why is he doing this? As a favor to me to help my team, and I am extending this favor.

You can register for both webcasts here:

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