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July 2, 2010

USA Wireless Phone Stats 2009
(and dramatic growth illustrated from 1995)

The growth from 1995 is mind-boggling.  Over 15 years, it’s gone from 13% of the population using a cell to 91%.  (The growth overseas is much more staggering than that.)  The fastest growing part of the revenue picture is the wireless data category:  that means the amount of internet surfing over cell fones is skyrocketing.  Also note the insane growth in text (“SMS”) messaging.

US Wireless Quick Facts
Year-End Figures

Topic Dec-09 Dec-05 Dec-00 Dec-95
Wireless Subscriber Connections 285.6M 207.9M 109.5M 33.8M
Wireless Penetration
% of total U.S. population
91% 69% 38% 13
Wireless-Only Households1
% of U.S. Households
22.7% 8.4% N/A N/A
Direct Carrier Jobs 249,247 233,000 184,000 68,000
Wireless Carrier Payroll2
Direct Carrier Wages
$13.8B $12.2B $1.8B $1.7B
Annualized Total Wireless Revenues $152.6B $113.5B $45.3B $19B
Annualized Wireless Data Revenues $41.5B $8.5B $211.2M N/A
Annualized Incremental Capital Investment $20.4B $25.2B $18.4B $5.1B
Annualized Minutes of Use 2.3T 1.5T 258.8B 37.8B
Monthly SMS Messages 152.7B 9.8B 14.4M N/A
Annualized Yearly SMS Messages 1.56T 81B N/A N/A
Cell Sites 247,081 183,689 104,288 22,663
E-911 Calls3
Per Day
>291K 260K 139K 55K

K=Thousand             M=Million                B=Billion                 T=Trillion
1Wireless Substitution: Early Release of Estimates from the National Health Interview Survey, January-July
2009, National Center for Health Statistics,December 2009.

2BLS Series data, 2008.

3CTIA Wireless 9-1-1 and Distress Calls.


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