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Update From John Cini: Roll With The Changes!

June 22, 2010

Big News: A Whole New World

My 2-year-old daughter’s favorite movie is Aladdin. The recurring theme of the movie is that through faith you can change your world. Granted, it’s a cartoon, but the reality is that in the tuff, real world, if things don’t work out you have two choices: 1) stop trying or 2) try again. Guess which one I choose?

Over the last 20 years, I’ve seen a lot of products run through the network marketing window.  Almost 100% of the products had one thing in common:  they were overpriced and only attractive to those who joined as reps.  Here’s a paradigm shifter for ya:  put your product/service through the “Network Litmus Test” – Would an endline customer:

  • Find the full retail price attractive?
  • Be satisfied with the product/service?
  • Buy the product month after month after month?

I just joined a company, LightYear Wireless, that saves people money on something they’re already spending money on.  Almost all people have never heard of this company, but they’re familiar with the wireless market, so they may think they know what’s going on.  They’re usually very pleasantly surprised, as I was.  They find out they don’t have to:

  • Budget a new expense.
  • Learn a new product.
  • Be convinced this is a bargain.

Also, it’s amazing how many people have NO idea how much cheaper prepaid cell service is compared to a contract with a subsidized fone. How about unlimited everything for $59.99/month? More on that in a minute …

In the first half of this year, it’s amazing how many different companies have been presented to me.  Of all the companies I looked at, this was the only one that seemed to be capable of going from very small to very big.  Watch the presentation at overview done by the top money-maker.

With this new company, I think we have the right business at the right time. So once again, I’m building a huge network, simply because I’ve done it 3 times now.  The question is whether there will be massive duplication after that.  The duplication that the top reps (8-figure earners) of established companies experienced is what we all want, emanating from a small company becoming huge, and that duplication is almost always a result of forces beyond our control, other than our choosing the correct vehicle.

The LightYear site says, “There are 236 million people in the U.S. that have Contract Wireless Service and will be switching to No Contract Wireless Service, and none of them have an opportunity to earn FREE Wireless Service!”  LightYear only needs to take about one percent of that market to become a billion dollar company.  Here’s proof that the LightYear prepaid strategy has perfect timing – they started before all the stuff below took effect (note the current dates on the articles):

  • May 19, 2010 CNET – “Smartphones come to prepaid wireless market
  • May 15, 2010 – “Big carriers dialing up prepaid phone services
  • May 14,2010 – “Wireless users opt for service without commitment
  • May 14,2010 – “As Growth Slows, Phone Rivals Start Dialing Up Prepaid Services
  • Apr. 22,2010 – “Verizon adds 423,000 contract customers, lowest in years
  • Apr. 05,2010 ABC News – “As More Wireless Customers Choose Prepaid, Should You?
  • Oct. 16,2009 – “Wal-Mart takes cheap mobile phone plans nationwide

I spent several hours on the fone a few weeks ago with several of the top earners and also with the #2 Corp. guy, VP of Sales.  I was blown away by the quality of people and the enthusiasm of them all.  (You can say that about ANY co., but they actually got on the fone with me, so it’s one more piece of homework).  I hit them all with the tough questions and got the right answers, so I’m charging ahead.  I’m putting a large number of reps on my first level right away, just like I did before.  After that, the race is on to begin building super depth, again just like before.

The top earner, Ben Sturtevant, is mid-30s, struggled in a couple other companies (Excel Telecom and another that didn’t go very far), topping out at about $15k to $20k/mo., before joining Lightyear.  His Lightyear income last year was $756,000, and two months ago (April) he made $105,000, his first 6-figure income month.  And there are currently only about 60,000 reps enrolled (20,000 active).  So our timing is good.

Most importantly, the company is saving people money on a product (wireless) they have to buy or are going to buy, period, and it’s a residual.  Can another company truly deliver $5 or $10 per month in solid residual income without reps stockpiling a product in their garage? So we have a very attractive product and a huge reason for everyone to join.  I was paying $99/month to Sprint for unlimited everything; Lightyear offers Sprint prepaid unlimited everything for $59.99/month.  I save $40/month (almost $500/year) by changing from post-paid to pre-paid.  Who would NOT do that?  In a couple months we’ll also offer Verizon prepaid, which will give us the two carriers we need to penetrate most of the nation.

Even juicier, with 3 people getting prepaid wireless service from LightYear, my $59.99 is FREE! Yes, you read that right: 3 customers (or 3 reps, either way), and your service is free. Is this getting more and more attractive?

Here are the links to do your homework:

Q: If I recruit 5 people between now and this weekend, how much and when will I get paid?  I think you said they mail a check every Friday?
A: You will make $100 each and the pay week ends Monday at midnight EST.  The checks are cut and mailed the next morning and on the east coast we have them in hand by Friday.  Once you have enrolled 2 and there are 6 in your downline (you can enroll all 6 but do not have to), you will automatically be promoted to Regional Manager and you will receive a 50% pay raise to $150 per personal enrollment and $50 on the enrollments of your personally sponsored people.


John Cini
Senior Manager
LightYear Wireless
703.ATM.KEYS (703.286.5397)
888.832.3208 find me anytime
Skype:  antipaper

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  1. Peter S permalink
    June 30, 2010 11:10

    “t’s amazing how many people have NO idea how much cheaper prepaid cell service is compared to a contract” – Very true!

    I currently use the NET10 prepaid service and save roughly $30 a month on my cell expenses compared to the contract I was on last. Great value for money but NET10 also has great network coverage, something Sprint is lacking in in my area. I think I’ll stick with NET10 for now…

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