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Dean Mannheimer Update Call Recording Online Now – Numerous Huge Announcements

April 18, 2010

The recording of Dean’s Friday night update call is online now: (21 minutes).  Keep in mind Dean did this call from Germany, where it was 4am his time, so understandably he sounds like it’s 0-dark-hundred there.

Call highlights (quotes are exact statements from Dean on the call – other comments are mine or paraphrased from the call):
3 new VP rank promotions in Europe.
– “… we’ve got this one Vice President here and he made it in 2 months.”
– “There’s a possibility … one of our guys here can make Senior Vice President in the next four weeks – we’ll see if he can get it done.”
– “AU/NZ Auction platform will go live” in June; also, local deliveries from a local warehouse will take effect (auction items will ship from AU/NZ, not from America).
– “Global Auction platform will go live” in June; “allows us to deliver to 95% of the countries in the world.”
– “We just announced to the Europeans the first shopping mall for Germany will unveiled in September.”
– “The company here in Europe just signed another contract with a major television station.  They’re going to be running more and more commercials now, branding the company’s name.”
– “Everything they’re doing here … in Europe is what they’re going to do in North America.”
– “Last month we launched the first component of the customer acquisition piece” (the $25 restaurant gift cert. and the $500 travel voucher, for the purchase of 10 credits); “last month, the [viral growth] machine was turned on – now it is running.”
– “Now the company will also start, over the next 30-60-90 days, the ongoing communications directly with our customers on our behalf, … to incentivize them, to educate them, and they will continue now to develop and take care of the retail customer on our behalf.” This is where the exit strategy (residual income) begins.
– At the May 15 SD-only training meeting in Boca, “a brand new CFO will be there.” (Many other new employees will be introduced there.)

(Original update call announcement: Dean Mannheimer: North American Update Call Apr. 16 (Fri.), 10pm Eastern.)

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