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DubLi Corp.: US Rep Newsletter March 31, 2010 – Cinch Launch, Customer Registration

April 1, 2010

Newsletter | March 31, 2010

DubLi Network


The DubLi CINCH has recently been updated with language support, now in four languages: English, German, Spanish and Danish. If you already have a CINCH, you should be notified via a pop-up message on the CINCH that there is an update available. Click the “Update Now” button on the pop-up to get the latest version. To manually check for new updates on CINCH, right-click on the CINCH logo at the top of the CINCH and select “Update Now”. You can also update your CINCH from your Connect home page by clicking on the black button below the picture of the CINCH on the right side of your screen. The button will read “Upgrade Now” if there is a new version of CINCH available.

BA’s who have not yet gotten a CINCH, visit: DubLi Connect to activate your Connect account. This will automatically log you into your Connect home page and from there you can download your CINCH from the black button below the picture of the CINCH on the right side of the screen. The Activate Account page is currently in English only, but will be available shortly in four languages as well. The Connect system tools are available in English currently, but are being translated into the four languages as well.

Once you have your new CINCH, the login screen will offer you a selection of the languages available for your region, which match those available on the site. Choose a language, then login with your username and password to get started!
Your customers can still get a CINCH from the emails and videos you send them from the Connect system. The customer landing pages are available in the same four languages as the CINCH. The Customer CINCH also has four language support.

We are working to add new features and easier access to CINCH for everyone so stay tuned for further announcements in the coming weeks.

Customer Registration Violation

The DubLi voucher program is a great opportunity for new customers and Business Associates alike. However, the program is only for new customers and Gold A Business Associates and is a privilege.

There have been customers who register multiple times with different email addresses in order to benefit from the program. These actions are a violation of the policies and procedures of DubLi and will not be tolerated. One individual may not own more than one account. Those accounts found violating this policy will be suspended immediately, and the voucher revoked if issued under these fraudulent circumstances.
Furthermore, soliciting customers to re-register in order to take advantage of the program is also a violation of DubLi’s policies and procedures in addition to an unethical business practice. Those Business Associations found participating in this practice will find their accounts suspended.
Top Auctions
Building Great Auctions…DubLi. Bringing Great Customers…You. Earning lots of CASH…All You!

What a way to begin April with superb top auctions for customers. With the three newest top auctions, Gold Rush, Surprise Easter Egg, and Al Unser Jr., getting new customers will be a cinch!

The Gold Rush is On!
Back by popular demand, DubLi brings the opportunity of owning gold bullion to your front door with this top auction. The awardee of this top auction will receive two (2) 10.0 ounce gold bars. These bullions are 24 karat and have purity of .995 millesimal fineness. The value of this auction is currently $22,500.00 but is subject to change as the price of gold changes. What a unique way to build financial security!

To the auction

Hippity Hoppity – an Easter Egg in a Whole New Way!
This top auction egg is filled with great things, but to find out you have to bid in order to be awarded this egg full of surprise. This Easter egg could be filled with so many different things that even the Easter Bunny has no idea what’s inside. What we do know is that it is incredible, and the value is approximately $2,000.00.

To the auction

Put the Pedal to the Metal with Al Unser Jr. and His Race Clinic for Two!

You say you can’t drive 55 and that you have a need for speed? If so, this is the top auction for you. Spend the weekend with Al Unser Jr. at the New Jersey Motorsports Park. Al Unser Jr. will show you the ways of the road this weekend in a Formula 2000 race car. The weekend includes a 6 hour driving clinic, one night lodging at the New Jersey Motor Park Suites, one night accommodation at the Trump Taj Mahal Hotel Casino in Atlantic City, roundtrip airfare for two to Philadelphia, ground transportation in Atlantic City, exclusive autographed memorabilia from Little Al, and $1,000.00 spending money.

The value of this top auction is $32,980.00.
View the Al Unser Jr. Video

To the auction

* Should an awardee be from Australia or New Zealand the hotel stay will be extended to compensate for travel time to the United States. Further information will be provided upon completion of the auction.

Apple iPad Wi-Fi 32GB!
Be one of the first to own this revolutionary tablet computer! This unique auction is as edgy as the technology behind Apple’s iPad. The new iPad features a high resolution LED backlit IPS display, multi-touch screen, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR, digital compass and assisted GPS as well as the exceptional features expected of Apple such as iPod, iBooks, maps, and YouTube as well as many other apps. But, there is so much more you will have to bid to be awarded this iPad and find out! The auction value is $599.00. With this tablet, you won’t have to keep up with the Joneses…the Joneses will have to keep up with you!

To the auction

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Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands
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