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DubLi Update From John Cini: New TLs

March 30, 2010

We had 2 reps hit TL yesterday:  Henry Vigeant of North Conway, NH, under SD GM Group, and Moses Okutoro (The Freedom Group) of Worcester, MA, under TL Adisson Kahale, TC Dori Kahale, TC IncomeSolution, and TC Artie Leonard, all under SD GM Group.

Moses has a time-consuming full-time job and a busy role as father, yet still creates time in his schedule to work his DubLi business consistently.  Even though he’s on my seventh level, I’ve been on the fone with him enough to know how bad he wants this business to work.

Henry has sponsored 4 and has a few more coming in.  Two guys who just enrolled are life-long friends of Henry’s, and one of his other USA reps has already enrolled 3 reps in Japan!  Mark J., who enrolled Henry, said that Henry “‘gets it’ – he is working several lists and doing Step-1 calls with me every week.  He has mastered the ‘what goes through the prospect’s head’ skill.”

If he doesn’t close prospects, one thing he’s doing that you may want to consider is plugging them into our “Smartchise” training system.  People looking at the business seriously can see we’re committed to helping them learn the business, not just enrolling them and saying “good luck, go get’m.”

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