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DubLi Corp.: FAQs Answered By DubLi Support

March 23, 2010

FAQs Answered By DubLi Support

I’ve been pounding Support for answers lately, and they’ve been responding (faster). They seem to be working hard …
I have all the answers below in writing from Support, so consider them all official policy.

Q:  Are the new customer incentives ($500 travel voucher, $25 restaurant voucher) available to Partner Program customers, too?

A:  ALL customers that register at and through a Partner Program will receive the Travel Voucher.  For the North Americans also the Restaurant Voucher. 🙂

Q:  Is there a time limit on the customer acquistion promotion?

A:  We don’t have an expiration date, but will end it some day.  (My guess is that it will run rest of this year.)
But remember… the special offer for the Business Associates will end in June (according to the Newsletter).

Q:  I was told the currency conversion fees and int’l fees were gone.  Apparently they aren’t.  Please tell me why we’re being charged these fees and for how much longer.

A:  The customers were not switched to the new US merchant until yesterday [Monday, 2 days ago].  So as of yesterday they should no longer pay the intl. transaction fee.

Q: What about rep enrollment currency conversion fees – are they gone too?

A:  DubLi Network BAs from US are not being charged the intl. fee, but Australians and others are when they pay in USD.  We will soon implement an AU merchant.

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