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DubLi Update From John Cini: More Asian News, Warm vs. Cold, Network Fantasy Island

March 16, 2010

DubLi Update From John Cini:
More Asian News, Warm vs. Cold, Network Fantasy Island

Congratulations to Andrew Farrell for sponsoring 3 frontline reps in mainland China in the last couple weeks.  Along with our Malaysian and Japanese successes, we’ve got the beginnings of a little Asian Tiger forming.  Don’t think you’ve missed the boat on Asia:  it hasn’t even gotten going yet! When you hear a story of someone there who pops a monthly check for $100k in 3 months, that’s when it’ll just start heating up.  We want that story coming from OUR group, so keep searching for Asian leaders.

Another important note to take from this:  you can enroll people anywhere on Earth! Every week I have a rep ask me, “Can we enroll people in _______ [insert name of any country here]?”  The answer to that is YES.  Any country.

I sent my “group skype message” last night and proceeded to get blitzed with skypes in return, with all kinds of questions and excitement.  Other than when the company’s financials were finally released, we haven’t had this much interest in months.  What was all the buzz?  The new customer acquisition (“affiliate”) program, which looks too good to be true.  And that’s exactly what DubLi CEO/Founder Michael Hansen wanted to create, some strong viral marketing about why it’s a great deal to join DubLi.  Read my “Customers” page at the top of this for more info on this new program.

My standard answer on “approach the cold market”:  don’t do it until you’ve got at least 10-15 from warm and referrals, with at least 3 who have 3 (meaning you reached TC).  The mindset is, if u have a hard time getting warm, you’ll really struggle in the cold.  Plus, then you become unduplicatable, since your group won’t go after warm if you aren’t.  And then your growth completely stops.  I’d be doing you a disservice to tell you anything else.  This is true for real estate, carpet cleaning, car sales, you name it.  Can’t get business with people you know?  You’re almost guaranteed to starve in the cold market.

If someone says to me, “I’ve called all my warm (I’ve called everyone i know),” then I ask them how many people they put down on paper (or in the computer) when they went thru our training document, “How to Create a Contact List of Thousands of Names” (in the Resource Library at  Usually their list is in the 50-100 range, and they think they’ve done a lot of work.  But calling 100 cold market may get you ONE rep (may, but probably not), so the challenge in that situation becomes very apparent.  (If it’s not apparent, I’ll spell it out:  if calling 100 people you know is a lot of work and didn’t yield many results, then calling 100 strangers and getting NO results is even more difficult and will require much more work, like calling 500 to 1000 to get some results, which means you won’t do any better in the cold market.)

So remember that the next time you’re tempted by the siren song of “lead sellers,” of magical lists and “incredible conversions” and online wizards who tell you their system will generate the leads and do all the work for you.  We want to believe it, but that doesn’t make it any more true.

I know that’s exactly what u want to hear.  Not really:  what we all want to hear is that we can place a free ad online, with our rep ID#, and then sit back and watch people 1) find the ad, 2) get excited, 3) enroll themselves (how about THAT 3-Step Plan?), and then go recruit a million people the same way, while we go play golf and sun-bathe.  But that just doesn’t happen in real life.  Just last night I received another email from the DubLi ad co-op Troll, who doesn’t know squat about networking (he says he’s an expert, but ask him what his DubLi rank is), who only makes money selling ads and names, exclaiming “A New Co-Op is now APPROVED by DubLi to Generate Tons of ‘Hot Prospect Leads’ Who are ‘Business Opportunity Seekers’.”  Get a batch of 100 and see how “hot” those leads are.  And pass the bong.  (They aren’t hot, they’re usually mostly nasty stale, and the Troll has been full of excrement since the co-op silliness began back in June.  I strongly recommend NOT touching any of that stuff, including bongs and hash.)

Now that we’ve had our fun little
fantasy trip, if you want to talk live with me about building your list, I’d love to – I’ve made it my business to help people learn how to generate hundreds of names, as well as get excited about what to say after gathering the names and numbers.  To me, the work is EASY after gathering contacts.  When you have 100 or 200 names and numbers, you can dial the fone with a simple script that makes a conversation an unfair fight.   If you have trouble figuring out how to break the ice (in other words, start the conversation), try this example:  “I have an incredible ecommerce company [or online business] that is exploding globally, and they’re launching in Asia over the next few months – who do you know in Asia, or who do you know who is Asian and lives here?”  That script ALWAYS raises curiosity and gets results.  You don’t have to go after Asia, though:  the DubLi story is completely intriguing to EVERYONE who hears it, period.  Whether or not someone wants to work, needs money, or is hungry to run their own show – those are the unknowns, but we know they’ll be fascinated the first time they see the reverse auction in action.

Here’s another ALWAYS:  if someone makes their list with me, then books times to do calls, they almost ALWAYS get 3 people enrolled quickly.  In fact, I’d say it’s probably 100% of the time that they hit TL.  But how many people make their list and book times with me?  Unfortunately, that’s a small percentage of the people who enroll.  For my frontline, just look at the exact stats:  of the 22 I’ve personally enrolled, I’ve had 11 make a list of 100 and then go to work with me on 3ways.  Of those 11, 9 of them are TL or higher (and 1 will be as soon as payment is made on a nuby who is already enrolled).  That’s a 91% success rate, which means the system works.

From there, if everyone gets their 3, the system rolls if it’s duplicatable, which we are.  Check out the compensation plan:  it’s all about getting 3, up to Sales Director.  (After SD, the retirement money emanates from 5’s:  5 SDs to become VP, and 5 VPs to become SVP.)

Plan your work, then work your plan! Hope to see you at the SD meeting in Boca.

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  1. March 16, 2010 20:47

    Truer words were never spoken about Warm vs. Cold market…You can’t argue with the success rate…Great topic John!

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