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DubLi Corp.: Rep Newsletter March 5, 2010: “2010 DUBLI MOMENTUM”

March 5, 2010

Here’s the newsletter I mentioned Wed.  Now it’s all official.  This is ground-breaking news for DubLi reps!

Newsletter     |     03/05/2010

DubLi Network


Now that we are in the 1st Quarter of 2010, we are so excited about the future for our Business Associates and the huge business potential that awaits them this year. As we promised, we have great things to come and so far you have only seen a small part of what is coming. The Masterplan for your DubLi business is all coming together at a rapid pace. As each piece of the puzzle is put into it’s proper place, we can now begin to view the picture with deep appreciation for our Global expansion.

As technological advances are discovered, you can be assured that the DubLi Network management team is already moving forward on new and exciting additional pieces to the Grand Masterplan. You are definitely at the right place – at the right time – with the right company.

The Australian Shopping Mall is Here!

Are you having DubLi Fun Shopping yet? Well Fun Shopping is about to explode!

We already know how much you like to shop the DubLi auctions, now we are launching one more – DubLi Auctions PLUS Cash Back Value Reward Shopping at over 450 online stores.

DubLi is thrilled to announce the launch of the DubLi Australian Rewards Mall on March 8, 2010. What could be better than that, getting great values on the auctions and now being paid when you do your everyday shopping as well! Exclusive for Australian’s, the DubLi Rewards Mall allows Business Associates and customers to shop at over 450 online stores and earn up to 20% in cash value rewards.

The Australian Rewards Mall includes only Australian-based merchants and customers pay for purchases in Australian dollars only. Whether you fancy Apple AU or Expedia Australia, the DubLi Australian Rewards Mall has something for everyone. Now if that’s not fun shopping for Australian’s, what is? The Australian Rewards Mall pays you to shop at the same stores you are shopping at everyday anyway. With 19 shopping categories to choose from, you can do all your shopping with DubLi and get rewarded.

How does it work, you ask? It’s simple and fun! Once you login to the DubLi Australian Rewards Mall you may select a merchant by name or by browsing through the shopping categories. Each merchant will have a percentage listed beside it; this is the rewards percentage (1 rewards point = 1 AUD) you will receive back following any purchase you make from that merchant. For example, if you wanted to buy a pair of $100 boots from Ugg Zone, who pay 5% in rewards, you will receive $5.00 in rewards…it’s that simple.

Just click on as many merchants as you wish and do your shopping. Within one week you will see the transaction history and points earned back on your personal Mall shopping page. After 45 days (all the stores require this waiting period) your points become available for you to spend. Points=Cash will be loaded on a personal Debit Card. You can see how quickly your cash value reward points accumulate when you are shopping at 450+ stores.

And, as if that weren’t enough, here is some more fun news…DubLi also pays you a commission on top of the rewards you earn from shopping. If you are a GOLD A Business Associates you are also entitled to earn the same 15% extra bonus that is currently available on the US and Canadian Rewards Malls. (Please review the rules under Promotions in your Back Office.)

The Australian Rewards Mall is also a great recruiting tool. Not only can your new Associates, Partners and customers participate in the auctions, but they can also shop at some of Australia’s most recognized brand name merchants from the comfort of an easy chair in front of their computer. It’s double the fun. When you shop at brick and mortar store, you spend gas and all they give you in return for your purchase is a receipt. Because the Australian Rewards Mall is an online mall, you can shop wherever and whenever from the comfort of your home. With the DubLi Australian Rewards Mall you save gas and get cash value reward points and commissions- a winner all around!

By the way, SHH, don’t tell anyone, but there are hundreds of additional stores on the way.

Customer Affiliate program for American customers.

By the second week of March and for the first time, DubLi will launch the Customer Affiliate program for American customers. Beginning March 15, 2010 every new customer that registers on and purchases a minimum of 10 credits, worth $8.00 USD, they will receive an electronic restaurant voucher worth $25.00 USD. Choose from over 14,000 participating restaurants throughout the United States at .

Once at the site, simply go to the ‘Redeem Your Gift’ tab, with your voucher number in hand and enter the number to begin your restaurant selection. Kindly be aware that the selected restaurant may require a minimum purchase in order to use the $25.00 gift or the restaurant may have other requirements for use of the voucher. Some of these requirements or restrictions may include, but may not be limited to: valid for dinner, valid for dine in only, or excludes alcohol. Please be sure to check the specific requirements of the restaurant of your choice. What a way for American customers to surprise that special someone with both fun shopping and a great night out!

Customer Affiliate program for all DubLi customers around the globe!

March 15, 2010 will also begin yet another component of the Customer Affiliate program for all DubLi customers around the globe! Every new customer that registers on and purchases a minimum of 10 credits ($8.00 USD), will receive an electronic resort voucher worth $500.00 USD. With a selection of nearly 8,000 resorts around the world, planning the perfect vacation is not only easy but fun. DubLi’s Gift-Redemption site can be found at The voucher number will be required in order to enter the site – have it handy so that you are ready to go! Please understand that the amount of the voucher is $500.00 USD and can be used as payment toward the total cost for the selected resort you choose. As such, the balance due for the selected vacation destination will be required. For convenience, the site is available in two languages – English and German.

Each new American customer is eligible for BOTH of the two components of the Customer Affiliate program – the electronic restaurant voucher and the electronic resort voucher. Yes, that means that every new American customer that registers on and purchases a minimum of 10 credits will receive BOTH a $25.00 restaurant voucher and a $500 resort voucher.

More advantages for GOLD A BA’s – 2 x $750 resort vouchers!

DubLi customers are not the only ones with exciting offerings; DubLi Business Associates too will share in the fun! Also beginning March 15, 2010, everyone who has signed up as a NEW Gold A Business Associate will receive two (2) $750.00 USD resort vouchers. This includes Gold A Business Associates that signed up beginning January 1, 2010 until June 30th 2010 6.00 PM EST. These vouchers can be used by the Business Associate to whom the vouchers are issued or can be gifted to recruit your next Gold A Business Associate. Please note, however, that these two vouchers cannot be used at the same time, but rather on individual vacations only.

DubLi’s Gift-Redemption site,, provides a selection of nearly 8,000 resort properties around the world. Upon visiting the site, have your voucher number ready as it is required to search for resort properties. As with the resort voucher component of the Customer Affiliate program, the total cost for the selected resort may be more than the amount of the voucher. As such, the balance due for the selected vacation destination will be required. For convenience, the site is available in two languages – English and German.
Cinch for DubLi Customers

DubLi is proud to announce the worldwide availability of the desktop Customer CINCH on March 22nd, 2010. The CINCH is the most convenient way to access DubLi shopping resources!  It provides DubLi customers with a simple desktop tool that works much like a smart phone with one-click access to DubLi Auctions, the DubLi Shopping Mall, Tell-a-Friend and DubLi Credits.  CINCH users will also receive exclusive offers and special promotions sent to their CINCH via its built-in messaging system. CINCH will be available in four languages (English, Spanish, Danish and German) and runs on Windows, Mac and Linux desktops. Links to download the CINCH will be posted on

New Partner Program Templates

You asked for it, and now you have it! We have added an additional 13 NEW templates to the back office of the website, bringing the total selection to 28 in all. With the click of a button, the entire color style can be changed by the Partner website owner, in addition to uploading their own logo. Get more info by attending one of the FREE Partner Program Trainings located in your “Meeting Calendar”.

New language POLISH

We are proud to tell you that we have added another language on DubLi Network. Take a look at the front page of your DubLi Network back office. The pull down window now has the Polish language added.

New Promotions PowerPoint

In your back office you can find a brand new PowerPoint that gives you an overview of all the current promotions and incentives DubLi Network has running.
This is a great tool for your business opportunity presentations.

We wish you a great DubLi weekend!
Your DubLi Network Team

197 Main Street
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands
Contact / Support

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