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March 5, 2010

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Masters Tournament Golf Package for 2

Auction ends: 03/25/2010 @ 21:15
Value: $16,900.00

Masters Tournament Golf Package for 2 – 04/09/2010 – 04/11/2010

The Masters Tournament golf package for 2, organized by the turn-key event specialist DowEvents, will constitute a truly unforgettable experience for this top auction’s awardee!

Being one of the four professional golf championships worldwide, the Masters Tournament, which first took place in 1934, awards its winner with a special green jacket and a 1.35 million dollar prize and is watched by a selected group of spectators live and countless golf lovers all over the world on their TV screens. Every April, it is held at the exclusive Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta, Georgia.

Tickets for the Masters Tournament are very difficult to come by for most people: applications are necessary to even attend the practice rounds and are to be made almost one year prior to the actual event. Then the attendants will be allocated tickets on a random selection basis. Tickets to the actual tournament are sold to members of a closed patrons list only.

However, we present you with the unique chance to attend this great event nevertheless, together with famous golf celebrities and other golf fans, and experience a totally worry-free and relaxed weekend in Augusta. In the Championship Club, DowEvents’ private hospitality facility across from Augusta National, you will be provided with an intimate club environment and culinary delights. And transportation on call, local attraction visits, private dinners prepared by the Dow Events chef, a cocktail party, a champagne brunch, DowEvents staff to attend to your every need will round your weekend at the Masters Tournament off.

In addition, the awardee will be able to make their own travel arrangements on our expense. It is totally up to you how you get to Augusta, we will transfer $2000 to the awardee’s account to cover their travel expenses. Also, the awardee will receive a $1000 pocket money to spend as they like. You won’t have to advance anything to book your trip, of course, instead, we will contact you after the auction’s end to provide us with your bank details and the attendants’ names to transfer the total amount of $3000.

Take your chance now and participate in this special auction to attend the Masters Tournament and witness the moment when the famous green jacket is put on the new champion!


* access to The Masters Tournament for 2 days: Saturday & Sunday
* continental breakfast, snacks and beverages at the Hospitality House
* gourmet buffet breakfast, lunch and hors d’ oeuvres daily at The Championship Club
* premium open bar
* cigars for the golf course and evening cordials
* all transfers
* transportation on-call 18 hours each day
* accommodations in private executive homes
* on-site DowEvents staff to assist with restaurant reservations, private catered meals, sightseeing, shopping, touring, additional golf and other special needs
* official programs, daily pairing sheets and course guides
* $1000 pocket money and $2000 for the awardee’s travel expenses to Augusta (trip to be booked by the awardee). The money will be transferred to the awardee’s account right after the auction’s completion.


* dates: 04/09/2010 – 04/11/2010
* location: Augusta, GA
* itinerary:

Friday, April 9

* evening arrival in Augusta, Georgia
* check-in at Hospitality House
* welcome cocktail party
* private dinner at Hospitality House with DowEvents chef

Saturday, April 10

* continental breakfast at Hospitality House or gourmet buffet at The Championship Club
* transfer to Augusta National Golf Club (entire day)
* lunch at The Championship Club
* late afternoon cocktails
* private dinner at Hospitality House with DowEvents chef

Sunday, April 11

* champagne brunch at The Championship Club
* transfer to Augusta National Golf Club (entire day)
* lunch at The Championship Club
* departures from The Championship Club

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