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Dean Mannheimer Update Call: Recording & Announcement List

February 23, 2010

If you missed Dean Mannheimer’s Monday night update call, I had it on here but had to remove it. The call was 20-some minutes, but the first several were a review of 2009 and the DubLi build-up to 2010. Some notes from the call are below.

Financials are out – if you didn’t see my post yesterday, look at the post below this.

And here are the announcement highlights:

  • N. American Support Center in final stages of deployment.
  • Cameron Associates is now “the face of DubLi on Wall Street.”  Check out the bios of the execs running that company – it’s a long list of super-sharp business people.
  • DubLi purchased new virtual servers, providing “unlimited scalability” – ready for huge expansion.
  • Polish language just added to; 3 additional languages added over the next few weeks:  Italian, Russian, Romanian.  Many more will be added as global auction is launched.
  • March launch of Celebrity Auction – big names and big events, from athletes, musicians, actors; should attract lots of media coverage.
  • March launch of Customer Acquisition Program (must be brand-new cust., purchasing 10 credits):  $500 travel voucher to 7500 destinations (available to all global cust.), $25 gift cert. (available only in NA).
  • All Gold Package reps get $1000 travel voucher to 7500 destinations, retroactive back to Jan. 1, 2010.
  • DubLi will soon be able to take checks virtually (for payment) – “being implemented as we speak.”
  • March launch of AU Shopping Mall – 500+ stores.
  • All countries we officially are open in will be localized with regional Shopping Mall in 2010.
  • DubLi Leadership Training in Boca – TM training every 2 months:  if you enroll 5 in a calendar month, you will be hosted by DubLi, so all you pay is your travel to Boca – company will pay for hotel and food; otherwise there may be approx. $50 cost.  (EU TM trng will be held in Berlin.)
  • DubLi Leadership Training in Boca – SD training every 6 months (twice a year), for ALL SD in world:  mtgs in Boca, May and Oct. (specific dates announced in a month); 3-day trng., covering all the things leaders need to know.
  • SVP promotion:  everybody who makes it by end of 2010 gets $1M and Bentley.
  • SVP promotion:   cut-off (end) date is June 30, 2010 to enroll and have two years from enrollment date to hit the $1M bonus.   (For example, if you enroll June 30, 2010, you’ll have until June 30, 2012 to reach SVP and earn $1M bonus, but if you enroll July 1, 2010, you cannot get the $1M bonus.)
  • March 18 – Dean M. doing mtgs that week in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Auckland.

Disclaimer: actual implementation or meeting of target dates above is DubLi’s responsibility. 🙂   All I’m doing is posting what was said on the call.

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  1. benjamin begic permalink
    February 24, 2010 08:31

    This is going to be HUGE….


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