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Team DMP Contest Winners

February 20, 2010

Team DMP Contest Winners

Congratulations to our reps who took and met the challenge! Listed alphabetically:

  • Deng, Kathy (upline TC+: Artie)
  • GM Group (upline TC+: John)
  • Goodale, Steve (upline TC+: Karma)
  • Hill, Chuck (upline TC+: Karma)
  • Kerr, Yolanda (upline TC+: Karma)
  • Leonard, Artie (upline TC+: GM Group)
  • Marutani, Keiko (upline TC+: GM Group)
  • McLeskey, Karma (upline TC+: Gary F.)
  • Omni Venture (upline TC+: Karma)
  • Psichopaidas, Nicholas (upline TC+: Artie)
  • Redding, Brian (upline TC+: John)
  • Sochanski, Stan (upline TC+: GM Group)
  • Vegeant, Henry (upline TC+: GM Group)
  • Westra, Karen (upline TC+: Artie)

In our training last weekend an incentive package was offered to the entire team worth in excess of $3500:

  • Master Key 24-Week Course (completely sold out last time it ran) ~ $1000+ to get in
  • Personal coaching, Webcasts for your team ~ by the hour, easily $500 value
  • Kauai, HI, one-week stay at ocean front home ~ $2000/week
  • Weekly Mastermind Course:  begins next week

OK, so what did you have to do to qualify (to win)? All you had to do was fill in the DMP (goal) statement from the TL201 training section from our Resource Library and get at least 1 guest on the Wednesday or Thursday call (if you got someone on the Tuesday call, we counted that too).

Note that the reps who created and offered these incentives, the GM Group, also qualified!  That’s leading by example.

Get on our Sat. morning trainings – big things are happening, and they’ll get more and more frequent …

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