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DubLi Corp.: Rep Newsletter Jan. 29, 2010

January 29, 2010

Great newsletter below.  Congrats to our team’s own Troy Rydalch!  (Did I miss anyone else from our team?  If so, let me know.)

Check out the new PP powerpoint presentation – it’s super-sharp.  More big news coming next week …

Newsletter     |     01/29/2010

DubLi Network

Winners of the Sweepstakes Drawing

We are very excited to let you know that the Christmas Sweepstakes drawing took place last Saturday in our new North American offices in Boca Raton, Florida. We had some excited Business Associates who volunteered to draw the lucky winners. With prizes worth a total of more than 8,000 USD the participation in the competition was overwhelmingly large. Those eligible for the drawing were Business Associates who answered all questions correctly.

We will also post the lucky winners in the back office of DubLi Network and we kindly ask them to contact us by email so we can send out their great prizes.

Please login to your back office to view the video showing the drawing. The video is listed under the DubLi TV section. Congratulations to all of you! This proves that you are on top of what DubLi is doing on a monthly basis. Keep informed by visiting your back office as often as possible!

Names of the lucky Winners:

1 William Bickerton Thailand 14 Kari Powell USA
2 Melanie Stevens Australia 15 John Strobel Denmark
3 Jay Nomakeo USA 16 Patricia Krebs USA
4 Anja Chikita Christensen Denmark 17 Allan Baker Australia
5 James Hillmann USA 18 Karen Stepanoski Australia
6 Michelle Birch Australia 19 Jon Schumacher USA
7 Daisy Baker USA 20 Norson Global USA
8 Troy Rydalch USA 21 Germany
9 Simone Walker Germany 22 Shaun McAtamney Australia
10 Lars Christensen Denmark 23 Caroline Lynch Australia
11 Peter Jensen Denmark 24 Susan Brigode USA
12 Sagar Mahadevwala Australia 25 Patrick McCleary USA
13 Peter Reynolds Canada

We are also excited to tell you that we have posted brand new Partner Program PowerPoints in your back office, they are posted in English, German, Danish & Spanish. Shortly we will also post a PowerPoint presentation featuring the current promotions we have running; 5 Frontline bonus, 50% Leader bonus, 15% Shopping Mall bonus & SVP $1,000.000 super promotion.

Best Regards,
Your DubLi Network Team

197 Main Street
Road Town, Tortola
British Virgin Islands
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