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DubLi Corp.: Rep Newsletter December 31, 2009

December 31, 2009

The names in red below are on our DJ Doubler team, except for “Xteam Global,” which is our upline and new VP, Jim Pare’.

Newsletter     |     31.12.2009

DubLi Network

Here’s a great big thanks to each of you for helping create a fantastic year in 2009 for you, your family and DubLi.We do not say “out with the old, and in with the New”, because each year is a building block of progress toward a higher goal of creating the best global Internet portal that delivers tangible value to consumers and the best business opportunity of a lifetime to Business Associates.

2010 will start off with a real bang of excitement, but let’s reflect for a moment on just some of our successes of 2009.

  • Built a new and advanced North American Internet platform to carry the growth of our global expansion for the Reverse Auction.
  • Updated both the look and feel of and DubLi Network sites.
  • Expanded website content and increased product availability.
  • Conducted the first two-day North American Sales Director training in Phoenix, AZ.
  • In April we launched the first eCommerce Conference in Phoenix, AZ.
  • Introduced the Partner Program for Businesses, Charities, and Non-Profits.
  • Added the Shopping mall and increased shops from 500 to over 1,000 name brand stores.
  • In August conducted 2nd two day V.P. & Sales Director conference in Miami, FL.
  • Pre-launched DubLi in Australia and New Zealand.
  • Merged with public U.S.A. company, MediaNet Group Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: MEDG).
  • Announced DubLi’s Charitable Giving Program.
  • Conducted Regional tours in Atlanta, Orange County, Salt Lake City, Washington, D.C., Toronto, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.
  • Launched Australian & New Zealand products in the Reverse Auctions.
  • DubLi acquired the ownership of the Cinch System.
  • Acquired North American Headquarters in Boca Raton, FL to open January 2010.
Through the power of Teamwork…
…we have been able to accomplish in one year what some companies have dreamed to accomplish in their lifetime. We owe it all to Business Associates like you and especially to those who have put in the extra effort to move up the ladder of success.We especially desire to recognize those that have reached the rank and pin level of VP’s and SD’s and TCs during the last few months.

Peter Allen TC au
Jeanette Wagner TC au
Triple Team TC dk
Suzanne Balen TC au
Jack Bybee TC us
Niki Grant TC au
Steven McConnell TC au
Bong Eun TC us
Lisa Armstrong TC au
Erica Keen TC au
Sandra Middleton TC au
mark schmidt TC au
David Brady TC au
Willie Chan TC au
Andre Buck TC au
Scott Andrewartha TC au
phyllis hargreaves TC au
Simon Treselyan TC au
Tina Bower TC au
Jonathan & Deborah Bauer TC au
Mary Osullivan TC au
Trevor Crisp TC au
Rod Stephenson TC au
Greg Erickson TC au
Ruth Hoefer TC de
Allan Mitchell TC nz
Rania Elzahar TC au
Leigh McArthur TC au
scott smith TC au
Rik Schnabel TC au
Belinda Bass TC au
JoAnne klamut TC us
Leanne Justice TC au
Peter Ettenborough TC us
Damon and Dawn Tindall TC au
Barry Manclark TC au
Brendon Krytenberg TC au
Artie Leonard TC us
Louise Hayne TC au
Gunna Elgaard TC dk
Robert Sebek TC au
Renata Madejska TC pl
Darryl Reeves TC au
Marilyn Barker TC au
Mark Bone TC au
Gerry Arkouzis TC au
Joanne Leong TC au
J. Buchholz TC de
Tammy Kahale TC us
Margaret Turner TC au
Justin Brown TC au
David Crees TC au
Graham Mills TC au
Roz Townsend TC au
Pete Shuttleworth TC sg
T.Simmonds K.Johnson TC au
Grant Mcglashan TC au
Michael Black TC au
Ross Sebastian TC au
Naja Moujabber TC us
Barjindar Singh Gurm TC nz
David Bowman TC au
Glenys Peck TC au
Paulik Andrei SD ro
geoff shannon SD au
Trevor and Rhonda Farmer SD au
Matthew Fisher SD au
Declan Barnett SD au
Antonio Zagami SD au
Brigitte and Dean Hines SD au
JE Avelsgaard SD us
Greg Pugh SD au
Colin Winberg SD au
GM Group SD us
Mark Wardlaw SD au
Trevor Chatham VP au
Xteam Global VP us
Happy New Year to all of our great Business Associates and their families!!
The Management & Staff of DubLi

DubLi Network LLC
702 West Street
Wilmington,DE 19801
Contact / Support


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