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DubLi Corp.: Customer Newsletter US/AUS December 31, 2009

December 31, 2009

Newsletter US/AUS     |     31.12.2009

DubLi Newsletter

The drawing of a surprise package…

…among the awardees of the daily auction surprises has been concluded successfully.
The drawing took place on 2009, December 28.

The name of the drawing’s winner is B. Louder

Congratulations Mr./Ms. B. Louder on winning a $1500 MasterCard cash card. Enjoy the liberty of comfortable shopping, as this MasterCard cash card is accepted at millions of merchant locations worldwide both on- and offline.

We would like to use this opportunity to wish you and your family a prosperous and peaceful new year filled with health and happiness! The new year will bring brand-new name-brand items on our auctions site again. So take your chance now to browse through our items; one Credit might be enough to get a huge discount on a hot product!

Current auctions
Auction Samsung HZ10W Digital Camera

This is how you save with UniqueBid:
Place single bids or a span of bids to complete the auction by placing the lowest single bid.

End of auction: UTC 2:00am, 03.01.
Vancouver: 6:00pm, 02.01.
Chicago: 8:00pm, 02.01.
New York: 9:00pm, 02.01.

Regular price: $214.49
~AU $241,55

» Go to the auction

auction Nescafé KP210650 Dolce Gusto Single Serve Coffee Machine, red

This is how you save money on Xpress:
Click on “show price” to find out how much the current price has dropped. Is the price right? Grab it now…

Regular price: $169.99
~AU $191,43

» Go to the auction

Price Guarantee Price Guarantee – We will match any price Plus 10%

Price Protection Guarantee* – If you find a competitor who has the same product at a lower price than ours, within two weeks after you have purchased the item from us, we will not only match their price but also credit your account with 10% of the difference. For example you purchase an item from us at 100€ and you find another vendor who has the same product and is advertising it for 90€, we will credit you the 10€ difference plus an additional 1.00€ for a total of 11.00€.

» More Details

17 Gr. Xenopoulou Street
3106 Limassol
Managing Director:
Panagiota Karaoli
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