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DubLi Corp.: DubLi Newsletter Dec. 17, 2009

December 17, 2009

Newsletter US/AUS     |     17.12.2009

DubLi Newsletter

We wish all of our customers a merry Christmas and peaceful holidays with their family and friends.

1. Don’t miss out on our daily auction surprises: the 25th’s auction features a hidden gift worth US$5000. Remember, those customers who have been awarded one of our daily auction surprises, will also participate in our Christmas drawing later on. The drawing’s lucky winner will receive a great prize at a value of about $1500. All you need to do is to purchase one of the daily featured Christmas items and you are in! The winner’s name will be announced in the company’s newsletter on December 31. We’ll keep our fingers crossed for all of our customers.

2. We will ship your orders via express delivery by December 24, 2009! So chances are good that all your presents will be put under your Christmas tree in time. In an agreement with Santa Claus, we will not even charge you extra fees for the express shipping! You simply pay the standard shipping costs and receive your item via express delivery in only 1-2 days. Please note that express shipping is only available for deliveries to the USA and that gift cards cannot be shipped via express delivery.

Current auctions
Auction Sony PlayStation 3 slim 120GB, black

This is how you save with UniqueBid:
Place single bids or a span of bids to complete the auction by placing the lowest single bid.

End of auction: UTC 1:00am, 24.12.
Vancouver: 5:00pm, 23.12.
Chicago: 7:00pm, 23.12.
New York: 8:00pm, 23.12.

Regular price: $299.99
~AU $329,16

» Go to the auction

auction Apple iPod Touch 64GB

This is how you save money on Xpress:
Click on “show price” to find out how much the current price has dropped. Is the price right? Grab it now…

Regular price: $358.00
~AU $392,81

» Go to the auction

Nokia 8800 Gold Arte
I was the awardee of the auction for the luxury Nokia 8800 Gold Arte. A high quality luxury phone that had a starting price and value of $1599US. I purchased the phone at an amazingly low $105US, experiencing a discount for a brand new item that I never thought would be possible. Why would I shop anywhere else when I can not only save, but have a really fun shopping experience, while doing so at this website. Thanks to you all!

Successful bidder: DubMac

Completed Auctions
VISA Gift Card $200 MasterCard $50 Gift Card
Wii Fit Plus With Balance Board Color Me Beautiful Kabuki Brush
Price Guarantee Price Guarantee – We will match any price Plus 10%

Price Protection Guarantee* – If you find a competitor who has the same product at a lower price than ours, within two weeks after you have purchased the item from us, we will not only match their price but also credit your account with 10% of the difference. For example you purchase an item from us at 100€ and you find another vendor who has the same product and is advertising it for 90€, we will credit you the 10€ difference plus an additional 1.00€ for a total of 11.00€.

» More Details

17 Gr. Xenopoulou Street
3106 Limassol
Managing Director:
Panagiota Karaoli
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