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DubLi Update From John Cini: The Surge Is Now Visible!

December 11, 2009

DubLi Update From John Cini: The Surge Is Visible

Congratulations to new TC Tabitha Fair! TF also bought a ton of DubLi stock (MEDG.OB) at 21cents/share – I’d say that’s quite a week of results!

Speaking of which, the new DubLi company, MediaNet Group, hit its all-time high yesterday, and then jumped again this morning.  It’s seen a massive jump in the stock price, up 200+% in the last month:  it was 0.20¢/share Nov. 12, and today it reached 0.68¢.  The inside word is $5/share in two months – that’s not my word, just forwarding gossip. 🙂

Rarely has DubLi given any indication that the company is experiencing dramatic growth.  Wednesday’s email from Corp. said, “… our servers will be upgraded to handle the overwhelming increase of traffic to our sites.”

On top of that, from the customer registration numbers it looks like we’re seeing significant growth, too:  yesterday it seemed that there were nearly 120,000 registered North American customers, whereas from what we can tell, a month ago there were less than 100,000.  (Keep in mind that these are my assumptions based on numbers DubLi has displayed, but these are not official, announced, nor confirmed numbers from DubLi.)  If those numbers are accurate, that’s a 20% one-month increase.

Some of that customer surge is no doubt related to the opening of the Australia/NZ market.  Just imagine what will happen when the whole globe can participate in DubLi auctions in a few months.  Also note that with 10,000 to 12,000 North American reps, that’s a 10:1 customer to rep ratio, so we’re starting to see the beginning of huge customer growth.

Watch Jim Pare’s sponsor in a recent quick video he shot for the AU/NZ launch (geared towards networkers):

This site,, is a new Partner Program.  There are more and more of them out there.  Highlighting a few PPs may give you ideas when you’re trying to setup one.

We’ve had some challenges with the audio for the new webcast system.  Remember that if the audio doesn’t work through the computer, you can always dial into the conference line.  You should share that with your prospects.  The complete webcast schedule and conference number is at

Always send a text to someone to see if they’re available before calling them on Skype!  This is common courtesy that should be obvious:  consider how you’d feel if you’re on a call with someone and you get interrupted, when a 5-second text message could have sufficed.

Big growth ahead – get your share!

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