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DubLi Update From John Cini: 2010 First Quarter Calendar & Big Events

December 6, 2009

DubLi Update From John Cini:
2010 First Quarter Calendar & Big Events

Dean Mannheimer’s Thursday night update call was loaded with huge news.  You can listen to the recording here, download it for mp3 playback here, and see the list of big highlights below.  All quotes below are directly from the recording.

– To level the playing field, “Any BA who joins (or joined) DubLi between July 1, 2009 and June 30, 2010, will have two years from their enrollment date to become SVP and earn the $1 Million Bonus.”
Anyone who reaches VP by Dec. 31, 2010 will be given a Cayman Brac lot.  (Current lot value is $200,000.)
– $800 Builder Bonus (for personally enrolling 5 reps in a calendar month) extended thru June, 2010.
Cinch software will be available for free download in mid-Jan. 2010 – “DubLi is integrating it in the back office.”
Email notifications of new downline enrollments and rank promotions will be available thru Cinch.
– “SBS Radio in Europe [primarily in Scandinavia, “13 million listeners each week”] has been running DubLi commercials for quite some time” and “they’re stepping up the frequency of the commercials”; “in conjunction with that, the company just finalized a major Partner Program with one of the largest television groups in Europe … and they’re going to be using television now in branding DubLi.”  This TV group “has about 80 million viewers.”  It was also mentioned that the DubLi EU Unique Bid Auction is being broadcast over that TV network.
– DubLi Corp. met with major EU magazines:  stories on DubLi will run in Jan, Feb, and Mar.; “the same thing will be happening in North America.”
– The branding campaign is now in full swing in the EU.
DubLi will release its financial data in Feb., 2010:  “their books will become available.”  This will initiate coverage by traditional financial magazines, who will be reporting on DubLi and its business model.  “DubLi’s story will be told” by numerous publications.
March 1, 2010 is still the target date for launch of the Global Auction.
Australia/NZ mall & business model official launch will coincide with the Global Auction launch.
– Presentations shown in the North American Corp. Tour will be available in the back office this week.
– Feb. 2010 open house for new office in Boca.
– SDs and higher ranks will get personal invitations to NA grand opening – so get your SD done before Feb.!
– DubLi is launching its own payment system, with both a virtual card … and debit card, … with DubLi’s name on it – these are virtual accounts, in multiple currencies, to be used globally” – not only for reps but for customers, too.

Disclaimer:  All dates mentioned are subject to change. 🙂

Here are my reasons for building huge RIGHT NOW, before all the pieces are put in place in the first quarter of 2010:
Jan. 2010

  • NA payment platform in place
  • Cinch available for download
  • Email notifications available via Cinch
  • Jan. 15 “annual renewal” date (see “Renewal payment extension…North America”) creates significant volume and resulting income boost

Feb. 2010

  • DubLi releases financial data; if numbers are good, huge spotlight will be on the company
  • Open House at new DubLi NA Boca Support Office
  • Major new Partner Programs announced

Mar. 2010

  • Global Auction goes live; international growth should explode
  • DubLi NA “branding campaign” should be initiated, similar to the DubLi EU campaign currently happening

(NA = North America)

We’re about to get absolutely everything we wanted from DubLi – but you have to do your part:  build the network! Those who do will be very happy …


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