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Christmas Shopping Surprises and Holiday Hello From John

December 1, 2009

[I posted this on my FaceBook page. If you’re a DubLi Rep, feel free to copy it.]

Christmas Shopping Surprises and Holiday Hello From John

I hope you had a warm, wonderful Thanksgiving weekend.  I keep getting a lot of “Where have you been?” and “What are you doing now?” questions.  I’ve had a fantastic 2009.  I’m a Sales Director with  For those of you I haven’t already told, at the end of last year I was fortunate to learn of this company as it was just launching here in America, with a concept I think will ultimately make them the “Google of Shopping.”  Tomorrow, on Dec. 1st, they launch a concept that is certain to capture the attention of anyone who loves fun, adventure, and shopping.  The concept is so compelling that I felt obligated to share it with you, so you wouldn’t say to me at the end of the year or a few months from now, “Why didn’t you tell me about it?”

If you’re browsing and don’t have much time to read everything below, here’s the deal:  you reply to this (give me your email address), and I’ll give you:

  • 5 free credits, enough for you to figure out how to save big $ on gift cards and the best-selling, brand-new, brand-name items;
  • Access to cash back from the 1000 most popular retailers & restaurants;
  • Significant rewards for your referrals to the exact same stuff.

We have two types of shopping on our site:  1) reverse auctions, which require purchased credits to check prices, and 2) cash-back online shopping thru major retail stores.  The second costs you NOTHING – no obligation, no commitment, no catch, no purchase necessary – to shop in our online mall and get cash back at the top retailers and restaurants.  Even better, our deal with gives you 50% to 60% off most local restaurants, with 20% cash-back on the money you spend.  (Don’t believe it?  See for yourself at – click the “Shopping” tab at top-center, then in the left-hand “Shopping Categories” click on “Restaurants.” is the first one listed.)

Also, our Christmas Advent Surprise auctions will be a huge hit over the next 3 weeks!  It’s appropriate to tell you about them now, here on the day after “Cyber Monday.”

Starting on December 1 and ending December 25, 2009, DubLi will be holding its first ever “Daily Christmas Auction Surprises.”  DubLi doesn’t call them “Advent Auctions,” but they’re running everyday thru Christmas just like an Advent Calendar, and DubLi is a company originally based out of Berlin, so they’re “Advent Auctions” to me!  Here’s the company’s description:

“As always we will be carrying a large assortment of the latest in-demand, hot-selling items available in time for your Christmas shopping; however, we’ve added a fun twist which is guaranteed to grab your attention … Here’s what makes it so special:  you would normally be able to view any item that you want to bid on.  But not this time!  Remember no peeking at Christmas time?  We will only reveal the actual market value.  Isn’t that crazy fun?  It’s just like receiving a Christmas present that still has the wrapping on it.

“Let’s say that the Daily Christmas Auction Surprises displays a market value of $250.  That’s all you know.  What could it possibly be?  Every item on this special auction is hidden until conclusion of the auction.  It could be an iPod Touch, or an Xbox 360, or perhaps a Garmin Nuvi 760 GPS System, or how about a SONY Digital Camera?  Who knows, it’s a surprise … but remember every day until the final day of December 25th we will step up the value on the items on this special auction.”

As I mentioned above, to give you a head start, I’ll spot 5 free credits to anyone who replies to this – I need your email to send you the credits.  You may be stunned by how much money you can save with those credits.  Just browse the “completed auctions” to get an idea:  you’ll see repeated savings of 15%-20%, and numerous shocking discounts of 75%-90%.

In this amazing age of information, the name of the game in commerce is convenient bargains.  If you don’t have the lowest prices, people will shop elsewhere:  just look at the price wars in full swing between Amazon and WalMart.  But since time is money, we also value acquisition speed, not just savings.  What if a company:

  • guaranteed the lowest price on the most popular items and the biggest brand names;
  • offered the potential to save an additional 20% to 90% over other stores’ prices;
  • paid cash back from stores/sites you’re buying from anyway;
  • and gave you a big reward for telling others about the savings?

If all of that is in place, which it is at, then it would obviously be the FIRST and ONLY place you’d go to check prices, meaning you’ll begin and end your shopping there.  That’s what will happen when the word gets out – right now, no one has heard of DubLi yet.

Don’t take my word for it, though:  check out the savings by reviewing the completed auctions at  We have a compiled list of completed auctions each day at  And you can study the business model at and

If you have questions, call me at 703.286.5397.

May all your holiday wishes come true this year!

Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping,

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