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Thanksgiving Thankfulness For Skype! :) Skype Tips

November 25, 2009

Skype Tips

In the interest of saving you time, and as a little Thanksgiving gift from me, I took a few minutes to type up what I think are mandatory Skype usage tricks that most people aren’t aware of.

First, make sure you have the latest version of Skype:  currently it’s version 4.1.0.something.  If you’re running 3-something, it makes a big difference.  You can check the version you have by clicking “Help” in the top menu, then “About Skype.”  If you have an older version, in that same Help menu, click “Check for Updates,” then follow the simple directions.

Second, change a couple irritating settings by clicking “Tools” in the top menu, then “Options”:

1. Tired of hitting the “enter” button on your keyboard and sending your message before you were done typing it? That got old quick for me.  Now there’s a fix:  in the “Options” menu, under the “IM & SMS” tab (on the left), under “Pressing enter will,” choose “Insert line break.”  After changing that, to send your text comment, you can mouse over to click the blue quotation icon on the right, or while holding down the Ctrl key you can hit the enter key, which is how I do it.  Test it, then love it.

2.  While you’re in the “IM & SMS” tab, just to the right of “Pressing enter will” you’ll see “Pressing Ctrl+V will” – choose the bottom choice, “Paste msg as plain text.”  (Not sure why anyone would EVER want to “Quote copied msg,” but that’s the default, amazingly.)

There are many other helpful, self-explanatory settings in the Options menu.  Don’t forget to hit “Save” after you make changes!

You have to post a foto – a good one! – and also put some words by your foto that will mean something to people who skype you.  If you haven’t done that, go to the “Skype” menu at the top-left, click “Profile,” then “Change Your Picture.”  It’s fairly user-friendly from there.  To change the text to the right of your foto, click “Add Video to Your Mood” – it allows you to add a video, but that isn’t necessary.  Under the video stuff there’s a box for the text (“mood message”).  Under “Edit Profile,” you can add your fone number(s), birthdate, and lots of other stuff.

Here’s another insider function that is SUCH a huge help for me.  I created several categories to keep track of who I’m connected to on Skype.  For example, I have my “DubLi Downline” and also “DubLi Sideline” (which includes my upline), and then I have relatives, church friends, prospects, etc.  To create a group, go to the “Contacts” menu at the top-left, click “Contact Categories,” then “Create New Category.”  I think you can create as many categories as you want.

The beauty of the categories, such as the “Downline” list, is that it’s super-easy for me to remind myself to whom I have or haven’t communicated important info.  I’ve got a couple hundred DubLi reps there, so it’s critical to manage the info flow.  I have them sorted alphabetically by last name, with what line they’re in (under my first-level reps).  For example, Lisa Anderson, first-level to Gary Feldman, is in my Skype list as “Anderson, Lisa (Feldman).”  To rename a contact, simply right-click on the contact’s name, then choose “Rename” from the drop-down menu.  To move a contact to a different (or new) category, right-click on the contact’s name, then choose “Add to category.”

One obvious question that often comes up at this point is, “Can I send a message to that entire group?”  Logical question, and you’d think the answer is “of course,” but you’d be wrong, at least not without sharing all your contacts with everyone else in the category.  I’m sure Skype is working on giving us that ability …

To maximize Skype’s effectiveness, teach your team to send you a Skype msg BEFORE dialing you! I contact people with a msg such as, “r u there?” and if they say yes, then I ask if I can call them now.  That way, if they’re on a call, I won’t interrupt them.

Skype’s “emoticons” are great and add spice, especially the fun ones that aren’t included in the little display box above where you type (most people don’t know about them):

If you need more help than what I’ve given you here, try

Remember the goal is to fill your “Downline” category with at least a few thousand Skype names!  And if you connect with them on Skype, you should also get personal with them by being friends on Facebook.  I’m “Antipaper” on Skype and my FB page is  Add me!  (And when you do, tell me where you live and who your upline SD or TC is.)

Enjoy the digital advantage!
Happy Thanksgiving,



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