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DubLi Update From John Cini: For Winners, 2010 Begins Next Week!

November 25, 2009

For Winners, 2010 Begins Next Week!

We had an incredible training last night, given by the GM Group.  Our attendance was fantastic:  the GM Group had nearly 30 reps, and I had 6 other lines with reps on.  We also had several people listen in on the fone line as they were traveling.  To get 40-50 people on a call two days before Thanksgiving is a sign of the times.

2010 BEGINS DEC. 1!
If you are serious about reaching the $1 Million bonus at the end of 2010, then your 2010 new year needs to begin immediately.  That headstart cheating will give you an extra month to get it done.  On top of that, you probably need to form new habits, get a hard-core action plan in place, and make a list of sacrifices you’re going to make in the new year in order to hit the bigtime.  JFTR (just for the record), if you read “make a list of sacrifices” and thought, “I don’t need to do that,” then you’re already out of the running for the $1 Million bonus.

By the end of this Thanksgiving weekend, you should have several pages of things written (or typed) about your business plan.  If you’re on our team, you should review the entire training system, from “I’m In, Now What?” to the “TM Training” and “TL Training,” to know specifically how to map it all out.  Then get a copy to your upline and make it happen.

If you’re reading this AFTER the long Thanksgiving holiday (shame on you), then there’s the first habit you need to form (if your goal is to earn the $1 Million Bonus):  reading this blog daily.  While everyone else is goofing off, watching TV, going to the movies, yapping with friends about minutiae, you have to WORK.  The race has begun.

Kerry Pittington, (TC, Hedgesville, WV, on my first-level), won the $500 Visa giftcard Unique Bid auction last night – for how much? $170.  That’s almost two-thirds off the face value.  I love it.  See it with your own eyeballs:

And check out Artie Leonard (TC, Boston, MA, third-level to me, under the GM Group) with another huge score:  $270 iRobot Roomba 530 robotic vacuum – for $87.25


  • The North American payment platform is currently under testing. I’d like to give you an exact date when it will go live, but I can’t. But I can tell you that this is DubLi’s #1 priority right now (along with eliminating any future server crashes).
  • Speaking of servers, DubLi has a server farm being built at a co-location in Dallas, TX.  We’ll have more info about this system later.
  • All the Corporate leadership and the software experts from Lariat (Cinch developers) are meeting in Berlin next week. I think we’re in the final stages of some significant finishing touches being put on the North American launch.
  • If you google “DubLi,” you’ll see the libelous spinfactor site has been knocked down to the eighth spot. Since the day I enrolled 11 months ago, that nasty, anti-business site has been sitting in the second spot.  So this is cause for celebration.  DubLi is committed to honest, ethical business practices, is compliant with federal and state laws, and is now a publicly-traded company, in a sincere effort to show their commitment to building a long-term business.  Can’t ask for much more than that.
  • Combine the Google “search cleanup” with the fact that the servers crashed because of too many customers Saturday night, and we’re starting to see what DubLi will become.  I look at the “too many customers” situation as more proof that our business model is very attractive to people!

Tom Ashlock will be in the cities below on the listed dates. He said Jim Pare’ will be there for the AU events.  I don’t have any other info, but Tom said he’d email the specifics as soon as the locations are booked.  In the meantime, you can tell prospects that the dates are locked in, to keep the times reserved for a DubLi meeting, and you’ll get the hotel location to them soon.

  • 10 Dec. (Thu.) Singapore
  • 12 Dec. (Sat.) Sydney, AU
  • 13 Dec. (Sun.) Melbourne, AU
  • 14 Dec. (Mon.) Melbourne, AU
  • 15 Dec. (Tue.) Brisbane, AU
  • 17 Dec. (Thu.) Auckland, NZ

Once again, the month end is upon us.  Hope you accomplished what you wanted to this month.  If not, what will be different in Dec.?  Make it so!

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