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Background On MediaNet Group & BSP Rewards Network

November 9, 2009

Here’s more info about the company DubLi just merged with, MediaNet Group, and its “BSP Rewards Shopping Mall.”

Welcome to BSP Rewards Network

The BSP marketing program is unique in that we quickly and economically build private branded loyalty/reward and merchant funded shopping mall programs for manufacturers, retail merchants, debit/credit card issuers and a wide variety of profit and not-for-profit organizations and companies.

The program offers members up to 30% rewards added to any rewards already associated with their credit cards and up to 60% in discounts. This robust program offers the most versatile methods of redemption including gift cards, and a reloadable “Load and Spend” MasterCard that can be utilized in the mall (points on top of points) or anywhere in the world that debit MasterCard is accepted. It can be loaded at thousands of load stations and points can be taken as cash at ATM’s.

The BSP Mall platform is PCI compliant and our on-line transactions are encrypted and secured by VeriSign.

Multiple Channels
BSP malls include:

  • 25 million products from Over 1,000+ national merchants
  • 300,000 items Discount Catalog of fantastic products that can be also be utilized for points based incentive programs
  • Instant Print Discount Certificates from over 10,000 neighborhood restaurants
  • Over 100 gift cards for national merchants and restaurants with hundreds of thousands of locations
  • Instant Print grocery and merchandise coupons redeemable at hundreds of thousand merchants
  • Value added discount programs including prescriptions. Medical services, theme parks, roadside assistance, and much more

The total tally:

  • Over 1,000+ leading merchants
  • 100+ gift cards
  • 300,000 item discount catalog
  • 10,000 neighborhood restaurants
  • Printable and emailable coupons: product and manufacturer
  • Health services and benefits
  • Roadside assistance, identity theft, theme park discounts
  • Coupons, specials and promotions
  • Personal web portal
  • Gift reminder
  • Savings toolbar
  • BSP MasterCard

Our corporate mission is to develop and market unique programs that will benefit the public, assist charities and non-profit organization fund raising efforts, prove profitable for our resellers and build an ever expanding base of residual revenues.

Our vision is to build a constantly expanding base of passive residual income for our company, clients and resellers.

• To establish BSP Rewards as the “new standard” of loyalty reward programs through a network of member provider companies, organizations and retailers.

• To build a high tech company based upon old-fashioned business ethics.

Martin Berns, CEO of BSP Rewards (newly purchased by & merged with DubLi), shares his conservative business philosophy on his site:

“When we started the MediaNet/BSP Rewards business, one of our initial (small) investors was a publicly held company that had a $62 Billion market cap. Today they are lying on a cold table in what I call the “Dot Com Morgue” with a John Doe tag on their toe because no one remembers them.

“Over the past years we have had similar experiences with companies that were proud of the $25 or $50 million dollars they raised and their hundreds of employees sitting in $1200 chairs….and too “important” to deal with us.

“Well, most of those companies also are lying in the Dot Com Morgue with John Doe tags on their toes and they all died of the same malady, which is why the toe tag reads “DOE”. The illness was Debt, Overhead and Ego and it killed each one of them.

“So my theory is (which we adhere to) be debt free, maintain a low overhead and check your personal and corporate ego at the door ….and sit on $99 chairs.”

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