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Eric Olson: “The Five C’s Of Winning”

October 26, 2009

Last month Eric Olson, SVC in the financial business, spoke about his keys to success.  He’s working in a different industry, but everything he said applies to our DubLi business.  His “Five C’s” of winning:

1.  Have a Crusade Focus.  You need to always remember and think that we don’t need people; rather people need us.

2.  Be Competitive.  Believe in yourself and fight to win.  “If they didn’t keep score in football, nobody would watch.

3.  Be Cash-flow Motivated.  If you say you like helping people, but you have no cash-flow, then you’re not helping people.  In our business, cash flow is the natural result of helping people.

4.  Be Willing to Challenge People.  Challenge both yourself and your team.  You cannot challenge other people if you don’t challenge yourself.  If you don’t push them, who will?  Most people won’t push themselves.  We live in a world of followers and you need to be a leader.  We’re not looking to lead followers; we’re looking to develop leaders.

5.  Have Conviction.  You must have complete conviction in our company, our solutions, our leadership, and yourself.

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