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DubLi Corp.: Policy On Early Renewal

October 22, 2009

With the official annual renewal policy in place, I thought the discussion below is pertinent info for all reps now.  I verified that this is official company policy, even though it’s not in writing yet (other than here).

Renewal Policy – Early Renewal?

If a BA runs out of credits and buys a new credit package before his annual renewal date, is the new renewal date then pushed back because of the early credit package purchase?  Is this situation covered in writing anywhere?  I checked the Knowledge Base and the Policies & Procedures, but couldn’t find anything.

John Cini, Sales Director

DubLi Network Support replied:

“If you buy a new package, the validity of your licence will be extended for another 12 months.
Example:  You own a gold package which is valid for the next 8 months, the credits ran out and you buy a gold package.  The licence will be valid in general for the next 20 months.”

So if you run out of credits, you can reorder any time with confidence.  I know of at least a couple reps on our team in this position, but that number will quickly increase …

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