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DubLi Corp.: EU Site Update

October 22, 2009

In my effort to keep you well-informed and update to date, here’s the company’s response to what is going on in DubLi EU.  If you’re paying attention at all, which our sharp team is, then you noticed that the EU site is in the midst of some serious change.  Thanks to Karma for asking and then forwarding this.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: DubLi Network Support <>
Date: Wed, Oct 21, 2009 at 7:06 AM
Subject: [#YJG-150266]: European site and the UK

Dear Karma McLeskey,
Thank you for your email.

Unfortunately, the shipping companies are now shipping televisions on pallets.  This makes shipping these large items to England from Germany very expensive.  We are always looking for better shipping rates, and any savings we find we do pass on to our customers.

The number of items up for auction is constantly changing, but a lot of changes will be coming in the future, so please look for that number to rise.  We are currently in the planning stages of setting up an EU shopping mall, just like the US shopping mall.  You will be notified in a newsletter from DubLi Network as soon as we have more details.

There is customer and BA activity in ALL of Europe.

Kind regards,
Kat Soto
DubLi Support Team

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