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DubLi Update From John Cini: The Impending DubLi Explosion …

October 20, 2009

DubLi Update From John Cini:  The Impending DubLi Explosion …

We had our Team Leadership Conf. Call yesterday, and the attendance was fantastic:  35 people during the mid-day lunch hour.  We also had an incredible two-hour training conducted by Mark J. Sunday night, with about 50 people in attendance, with very little advance notice.  Congrats to Kerry Pittington’s team, with nearly a third of the people on it.  Of course Mark’s team had the most, with about 20, and Gary Feldman’s team had 7.  I had people from 7 different legs on it.

Below is a summary of our leadership call yesterday:

There are all kinds of signals that our business is starting to heat up again. Jim Pare’, who sponsored my sponsor Jim McCarron, is about to hit VP.  That will be huge – congratulations to him!  I’m grateful he’s setting such a torrid pace for us to follow.

I’ve got 3 lines that are on the verge of reaching Sales Director – I hope all 3 of them make it by the Nov. 7 event here in WashDC.  If that happens, we’ll be flying at the speed of sound again …

These are my own predictions/opinions, so none of this is even close to “official.”  If you state any of this as fact or tell anyone, it’s your responsibility to manage expectations (in other words, don’t do it).  However, knowing that we’ll have all of this in place in the next few months, it seems mandatory to me to build as voraciously as possible, before the looming tidal wave of growth.

Besides email notifications being restored in 2 weeks (more info on this later) and the imminent opening of the North American Support Center, I expect the company to announce on the Corp. Tour that we’ll have a new auction or some type of exciting, revolutionary twist on our existing auctions, along with some blockbuster new Partner Programs (that I’ve been dropping hints about for two months).  Probably the one thing that DubLi has not done here in N. America, for whatever reason, is generate significant press coverage.  I expect to see a large rollout of dynamic media stories soon.  This is an area where DubLi could have easily taken action long ago, but chose not to; IMO, now is the time, after going public, opening new operations here, and getting the shopping portal site up to speed.

Impending events are incredible ways to rocket-launch your business in multiple cities.  Take advantage of this tour for several reasons:
– They only happen about once every 12 months!  Being able to say, “I was there …” and “I shook Michael Hansen’s hand” (and get your foto with him) will serve you well.  It will have a big impact on your prospects.
– Dean Mannheimer and Tom Ashlock will be at all 5 Corp. Tour cities.  Jim Pare’ will be at 4 of the 5 (not L.A.).
– Invite like a maniac to Atl. (Oct. 31, in less than 2 weeks!).  You also have plenty of time to get lots of people to L.A. (Nov. 3), SLC (Nov. 5), DC (Nov. 7), and Tor. (Nov. 9).

If you’re attending our local live events on Oct. 24 and/or Nov. 7, please email me that you’re coming! Then I’ll know to invite you to any side meetings we may have, and if you’re coming from out of town, we can connect for extra time regardless of any other events occurring.  I also want to have a good headcount for our team.

– I forgot to mention on the call today that we’re not continuing to hold our own Tues. night webcast (which you may have noticed if you saw our updated webcast schedule.  We’ll support Jim Pare’s webcasts on Tues. & Thurs.  So our webcasts will run Mon., Wed., and Sat.
New start time for reps to get on our 9pm webcasts:  get on at 8:45.  That way we’ll have a large number of attendees as guests log on 5 minutes prior, as we (should) advise our guests to do.
Aussie website of webcasts Down Unda:

When you need a shot of determination (what we used to call a kick in the butt), watch/listen to Art Williams say “Just Do It”: (that’s part 2 – part 1 is just as good, IMO:

“Expect more from yourself than anyone else ever could.”


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