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DubLi Team Update From John Cini: First 5 VP Positions = $50,000 Bonus

October 20, 2009

Based on the info in the previous post, you can see we’re talking about long-term, life-changing income.  Therefore, to give you extra incentive to help us all, I’m announcing that the first 5 people, each in 5 different lines, to reach VP will receive $50,000 if I am paid the $1 Million Bonus for reaching SVP by the end of 2010.  This means that 5 people will each get $50,000 from me, even if they don’t make the $1 Million Bonus.

I haven’t seen anyone else make this offer in writing, so we’re setting the pace once again.  Credit is due to Mark J. for announcing on our team leadership call yesterday that he previously extended the same offer to his team.

Upon completion of VP in 2009, we would also have 3 positions with a 2-year window to reach the $1 Million Bonus (as explained in the post prior to this one), so we’re considering a special incentive for helping us get VP done this year.

The next few months could dictate your quality of life for the next few decades, so remember that when you’re feeling tired from a long day …

Finish Strong!

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