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Dean Mannheimer: DubLi North American Corp. Tour Schedule – Official Dates

October 12, 2009

Oct. 15 Update:  all the dates below are set and confirmed.  However, the only concrete hotel info we have is for WashDC, which is the Reston Hyatt.  So you can book plane tickets and start inviting guests to all of the 5 cities, but you can only book a hotel for DC right now.

Ok, this locks in the dates. The only change below from what I announced a couple days ago is the Atlanta date. Invite away!  Note that Jim Pare will attend 4 of the 5 cities.

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Subject: Fwd: North American Schedule
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 18:35:51 -0400
To: undisclosed-recipients:;


These are gonna be some amazing events, with Micahel Hansen (the Owner of Dubli as The Main Speaker)
You want to get everyone you can to these.
I will be in Atlanta…Salt Lake City…Washington D.C…and Toronto.
Its time to kick into high gear.
See you soon
Jim Pare’

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Subject: North American Schedule
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 2009 15:21:44 -0700
From: Dean Mannheimer <>
To: <>


Dubli Business Associates,
The following is the schedule for the upcoming meetings we will be running for North America. This is the list of cities and I will be sending out an updated list with the venues before the end of the week. We want to give you as much time as possible to be able to plan for these meetings.

There will be a business presentation before each meeting so you can bring guests to hear about the DubLi Business model. Michael Hansen and other corporate people will be in attendance. There will be some “Special announcements” made so do what you need to be there.

The schedule looks like this:
October 31st                       Atlanta, Georgia
November 3rd                  Orange County, California
November 5th                  Salt Lake City, Utah
November 7th                  Washington DC
November 9th                  Toronto, Canada

Best regards,
Dean Mannheimer
International Success Group

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