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DubLi Update From John Cini: DubLi Corporate Silence …

October 9, 2009

DubLi Corporate Silence …

It’s now a month ago today that DubLi last announced anything (in the “News” section of our back office).  While on the surface that may seem disturbing, the reality is that they are completely swamped at DubLi HQ, not only with going public and all the necessary changes because of that, but also with some tremendous upgrades/improvements they’re making in their operations.  I have hinted at several of them in previous posts (to see them, using the categories menu at the top-right, choose “John’s Updates”), and there are lots of great things coming.

One thing that DubLi has not excelled at is getting info to the field, specifically advance notice.  We’ve been told it’s “the European culture” and “that’s how they do things there,” but to me that’s an area that must and will improve.  Because of the imminent opening of the North American Support Office, it seems mandatory that info flow and problem resolution will change dramatically.  Another alteration that should force better communication is the simple fact that as a publicly-held company, we will have to hear quarterly about major changes.  So that’s great news going forward.

Knowing that, and knowing the company will be in 5 cities across North America in less than a month, stay focused on rolling out your business, because one thing is certain:  when everything is in place and “perfect,” we will all quickly forget the days when we had no contact with the company and little info communicated to us, and our business will rapidly multiply.  And the only way to capitalize on that rapid growth is to have a huge network in place BEFORE it happens!

Now is the time to go to the whip …

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