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DubLi Update From John Cini: Picking Up Speed – Lots Of Data!

October 5, 2009

DubLi Update From John Cini:  Picking Up Speed – Lots Of Data!

DubLi Team,
In case you didn’t know what’s happening, and to remind you we’re still building up the DubLi rampage:

  • We had a September Inviting Tournament and 20 of our team participated.  Our man in Thailand, Russell Birtwistle, won with 9 guests, while Kathy Metts and Diane Davis tied for second with 8, and Patrick Logan took the last winning spot, fourth, with 6.  In addition to the contest, we had some serious inviting happening from some others who weren’t involved in the contest:  for example, Ruth Sias joined us at the end of Aug. and had 7 guests on ONE webcast.  (Check out the Scoreboard here, top-right.)
  • I’ve got 3 people looking GREAT to reach SD this month!  All 3 of them got their third leg to reach TL last month, so the jump to TC isn’t that far …
  • DubLi went public last week (details on this blog).
  • DubLi’s North American Support Center will open any day now.
  • DubLi’s North Am. Payment Platform will be in place soon.
  • The DubLi Global Auction will be in place in the next few months.
  • Email notifications will be available once again later this month, notifying us of enrollments and promotions in our group.
  • Many more HUGE announcements will come tonight:  Dean Mannheimer has a National Update Call Monday night (listed on our webcast schedule at

With Cinch, Partner Programs, and more focus on our awesome auctions, we’re getting a lot more completed auctions now, as many of you have noticed.  The number of “Unique Bid” auctions are constant, currently at just 4 per day, but the Xpress auctions are completed when people decide to buy, and the average number of daily Xpress purchases has increased dramatically over the last few months (doubling) – see it for yourself at  So that’s proof for us that more people are using the auctions.  Have some more:  from the middle of Aug. to mid-Sep., over 5 weeks, nearly 100 giftcards were purchased at an average of approx. 28% off! That means the average $100 card sold for $72, which is a fantastic deal any day.

In its first two months, an Obscure DubLi Partner Program generated 3500 registered customers and 3700 credits purchased – see it with your own eyes at:

And to see some real spastic people, watch this video of people bidding on, then winning, the $32,000 Ford Mustang for $855.50

In the end, the big savings will keep people coming back.

Get on our webcast – we’re rolling!

John Cini
703.ATM.KEYS (703.286.5397)

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