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Joseph Rosales: “Plan your day, or someone else will”

October 2, 2009

I was on the fone with Joseph Rosales a couple times in the last week, and he graciously let me re-post his fantastic article below.  If you’re not familiar with Joseph, he is The Customer Service Coach and for over 20 years has worked with an impressive list of clients that reads like a who’s-who of retail giants.  Joseph authored the book, “Customer Service is a Contact Sport,” was featured in a book with Brian Tracy, “Conversations on Customer Service and Sales,” and has also written a number of other books and literally hundreds of articles that have appeared in National Magazines and industry newsletters.  The fact that Joseph has joined our DubLi World is all the more impressive, and we’ll all need his book as we soon will begin contacting huge numbers of customers!  Bolding below is mine.

Plan your day, or someone else will…

This is so simple I almost did not want to write it, but as so often is the case…it’s the simple stuff in life and business that gets us.

Here is the net-net of today’s blog post…

If you are not planning your day, someone, or something else will take care of that for you. And rest assured, if someone else is planning your day and therefore your day-to-day life, you will most likely not get to where you want to be.

Most of us have been through at least one program on time management and unfortunately, all too often; we find ourselves in the same time crunch a few weeks, or months after the Time Management Seminar as we were before we attended it.

And please…this is not an indictment of attending seminars as I facilitate many of them myself and some seminar sessions have changed lives for sure…it is a fact that our busy lives can so often contain so many distractions that we run from one meeting, or activity, to the next and tend to the most critical tasks on our to do list (if you have a list) and then find the most important stuff relative to our business and personal goals are not getting accomplished.

I am by no means a time management guru.  I consult with and coach people who are in the the business of providing a product, or service to a customer.  And since every business has customers, I stay very busy.

I struggle with the same challenges in managing my time as others do.  My saving grace is that I recognize it and work hard at having a simple plan for my day and work hard at trying to stay on target.  It is not easy and I sometimes do not get done what needs to get done, but with each competed task, or activity from my plan I am closer to my goals.

The simplicity of my message today is this:  Have a plan for your day.  Simple, or complex…you need to plan your day, or someone else will plan it for you.  Be it your boss, your family, your friends, or more than likely people you don’t even know.  If you are like most people, more than half of what you do today was not on your agenda/plan before you started your day.

If you are going to achieve your objectives in life and in business you need to have a plan…and that plan starts with what you need to do today, and tomorrow and this week and so on.

Don’t let life and circumstances plan your life.  Yes, stuff happens and you need to accommodate the variables.  But don’t let that be the plan for your day.

Thanks, and as always, make this another outstanding day!

Joseph Rosales – The Customer Service Coach

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