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Steve Siebold: “Mental Toughness Secret of Champions: Objective vs. Subjective Reality”

September 14, 2009

In addition to reading here, you can also listen to the audios Steve has recorded at the links below.  Bolding and highlights are mine.

Mental Toughness Secret of Champions: Objective vs. Subjective Reality

While the masses operate primarily on a subjective model of the world, champions see life through the eyes of objective reality.  This strategic advantage is one of the mental toughness secrets of the world class which is rarely talked about.  Have a serious look at your life with critical objectivity and you’ll see exactly what you need to do to get what you want.  The average thinker allows emotion to cloud their judgment in their personal analysis of themselves and their results.  Take stock of your results in every area of your life and objectify yourself as performance machine producing results.  What does the machine need to do or change to get to the next level? Listen to this post for more information and then go to work on yourself.  If you can see yourself and your performance objectively, you will create a road map to success very few people even understand.  Is there REALLY a difference in thinking between the middle and world class; between the wannabes and the champions?  You bet there is, and this is one of them.

Coaching Mental Toughness

When you’re coaching mental toughness, one of the most helpful things you can have in front of you is a list of key beliefs of world class performers.  These winning beliefs are common among big thinkers and the ultra successful. As a coach, they serve as powerful discussion points.  Ask the people you’re coaching what they think about these beliefs and you’ll begin to build a blueprint of their mental makeup.  In mental toughness training we teach that beliefs dictate behaviors; so once you know what your people believe you’ll understand why they do what they do.  After a while, you’ll be able to predict their every move with astounding accuracy.  It’s a little scary, but the truth is human beings are predictable by nature.  Your job as coach is to uncover their belief system, contrast what they believe with what world class performers believe, and guide them along the path of upgrading their limiting beliefs while reinforcing their empowering beliefs.  According to our research with world class performers, here are Top 10 Beliefs of the great ones:

1.  I cannot fail, I can only learn and grow (a global belief broken down by the great Larry Wilson,
2.  Everything happens for a reason
3.  All you can do is all you can do
4.  Every experience makes me stronger
5.  Happiness is a choice
6.  Happiness is a state of mind
7.  People are inherently good
8.  The world is a beautiful place
9.  Almost anything is possible
10.  Success is a choice

Listen to this post as I explain how to coach each world class belief.  This is the first of several posts I promised the audience when I spoke at the World Financial Convention in March in Los Angeles.  Thanks for your patience, guys! (You were starting to think I forgot about you! 🙂

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