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DubLi Update From John Cini: Carpe Diem!

September 14, 2009

I feel like I’ve been saying it nonstop, but I’ll say it some more, in case some of you missed the big news:  you have to work hard NOW if you want a shot at the $1 Million Bonus next year!  It really is critical to seize the day right now, to make the biggest effort of your life if you want the biggest payday of your life.  Of course it’s tempting to watch football on Monday night, to go to the movies on Friday night, to chat it up with friends instead of telling them about the business.  Every veto of work is one step further away from retirement money.

The very first step for a rep is to write out your goals.  That’s really not difficult; the hard part is then to zap a copy to your accountability police officers:  your spouse, your sponsor, your upline Sales Director.  Yes, I want a copy in my email box! Let’s see how many of you on my team are reading this:  each person in my group who sends me their goals by the end of this week will get a serious gift from me.  Put down how much money you will make by the end of 2009, first 6 months of 2010, and end of 2010, and also what your rank will be at each of those points, and email that to me at

Our September Inviting Tournament started with a big bang, with 17 guests on the first Tue. & Wed.  Last week was awful though, with only 5 guests.  I hope that changes this week, or our webcasts will be canceled and replaced by Gomer Pyle reruns.  Some people are really getting trounced in the head-to-head competitions:  check them out at

I added a new document on the Upgrade process to “The Basics” section of our Resource Library,  This document explains in two pages how to upgrade and also why a rep should upgrade.  It also explains how to earn the 50% Quarterly Bonus, since that’s part of the reason for upgrading to a Gold Credit Package.

Our recorded webcast will now begin playing automatically when you send guests to the site.  Thank you to Alan Breen for making it look so spectacular.  For the best viewing resolution, click the “full-screen” button at the bottom-right corner.

Now’s the time for massive action!

John Cini
Sales Director
DubLi NA
703.ATM.KEYS (703.286.5397)

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