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DubLi Newsletter September 9th, 2009

September 9, 2009

Congratulations again to our 5 new TCs (below in red)!  Check out 5 as a percentage of the 38 TC names – that’s 13% of North America!  Woohoo!  Plenty more of this to come …

As for renewals, I’m sure there will be further commentary, explanation, and massage from Corp. about the policy soon, so don’t freak out about it right now.

Newsletter September 9th, 2009
Inside this Newsletter:

  • Annual Renewals – Official Company Policy
  • Remaining Credits – What Happens?
  • Australia & New Zealand – Official Schedule Now Available
  • New videos in Your Back Office
  • Congratulations New TC’s and SD’s
Annual Renewals – –Official Company Policy

There are many BAs whose annual licenses are up for renewal and in order to avoid any possible confusion, we would like to remind you of the company’s policy.

Any BA who purchased a Gold Package when they initially enrolled, or elected to upgrade from a Bronze or Silver Package must renew their annual license by purchasing a new Gold Package in order to maintain their Gold status. In addition the BA must also pay the annual license renewal fee of (US$175/€125).

BA’s also have the option of purchasing a Bronze or Silver Package, however if this option is selected, then the BA will be downgraded to a Bronze or Silver status and lose their Gold benefits. Please note the option to upgrade within 30 days to become Gold is not available for annual renewals.

If a BA elects only to pay the annual renewal license fee, then that BA will officially have the title of ebiz kit holder and forfeit any and all benefits granted to Bronze, Silver or Gold Package holders. In addition any BA holding the title of ebiz kit holder will not be eligible to earn organization bonuses and commissions.

Renewal of annual license fees and Product Packages can be purchased in your back office under “Buy a Product Package.”

Remaining Credits … …What Happens?

  1. If a BA elects not to renew their annual license fee of (US$175/€125) then their account with DubLi Network will be terminated and any remaining Credits in the BA’s account will be immediately transferred over to the BA’s account with BA’s who elect not to renew their annual license fee will also lose access privileges to the back office of DubLi Network, but will instead be granted access to a limited version of the back office on and will no longer be eligible to receive retail commissions.
  2. If a BA elects to renew their annual license fee and pay the required sum of (US$175/€125) but elects not to purchase a Bronze, Silver or Gold Product Package, then the BA will be reclassified in our system as an ebiz kit holder. If the BA, now known as an ebiz kit holder has any Credits remaining in their account from a previous product package purchase, then those Credits will be transferred to the newly established ebiz kit holder account. An ebiz kit holder will still be able to send credits to friends, business partners, and family members just like before and in addition, retail commissions will be paid to all ebiz kit holders from personal customers who purchase Credits from them.
  3. If a BA elects to renew their annual license fee by paying the sum of (US$175/€125) and if the BA elects to purchase a Bronze, Silver or Gold Package (even if it is a different package than their original purchase or upgraded purchase) then any previous credits remaining in the BA’s account will be combined with the new Credits received from their new product package purchase and will appear in the BA’s back office. The BA in this circumstance will have full access to the DubLi Network back office and retain full benefits as provided by DubLi. These benefits include the following:
    • a.Ability to spend Credits for bidding on items in the different auctions.
    • b.Ability to send vouchers to members in your contact list.
    • c.Ability to earn eligible retail commissions paid on all credit purchases from your customers.
    • d.Ability to earn full organization bonuses and commissions depending upon the title attained.
Australia & New Zealand -– Official Schedule now Available

A new flyer announcing the official tour dates for Australia and New Zealand is now available in your back office. In order to print out a hard copy of the itinerary in PDF format, you will need to first login to the DubLi Network back office, then select Marketing, then scroll down to Print Generator and there you will see the title Launch Australia & New Zealand or you can click on the full size banner under “My DubLi” and view the same details.

If you plan on having guests attend the series of events taking place later this month, then be sure to send out a copy to your invited guests by mail or email.

New videos in your back office

Must see video from DubLi Leaders Meeting August 2009 – The Biltmore Hotel, Miami just added on DubLiTV.
View it now!

Also added; video made by VT Media about Global E-Commerce in the future and is a part of it! This video will be on Regional and National Television as well. Please click here to see all DubLi videos!

Congratulations to all our TC’s and SD’s who qualified last month!

We would like to take a minute and say congratulations to every BA who put forth the effort and qualified as a new Team Coordinator and Sales Director in the last months. Your success…is our success! Congratulations to each and every one of you, we are very proud of your accomplishment.

TC Effrim Volkoff
TC Trevor Chatham
TC Irene Williams
TC Bob Layt
TC Barbara Stephenson
TC Wendy Kelly
TC Ronald Deledio
TC Elisabeth Freeman
TC Les Prosser
TC Donna Napier
TC Annette Cowley
TC Greg Pugh
TC Peter Sabato
TC Graham Mills
TC Mark Wardlaw
TC Peter Maddison
TC Theresa Hancock
TC BPG Associates
TC Darrell Stavros
TC Theron Dutson
TC Kathleen Filotei
TC Maddy Anderson
TC Bridget Nahan
TC Emyr Williams
TC Keiji and Jean bulette
TC Scott Atwood
TC Patrick Avon
TC Fred J Franke
TC karl mayenschein
TC GM Group
TC Sterling Griffiths
TC Roger Neville
TC Peter Ladewor
TC Chantelle Michaels
TC Michael Österstrand
TC Antonio Mendez
SD Jardine Prosser
SD David Hughes
SD Randal Taylor
SD Brad Doyle
SD Gregory Daley
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