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DubLi Update From John Cini: It’s Time For Life-Changing Focus & Intensity!

September 8, 2009

WARNING:  This is an intense message.  If you aren’t working DubLi hard and aren’t looking to make obnoxious income, then don’t even bother reading this.

I finally took the time to post the inviting results from the last Tue. & Wed. webcasts.  Check them out here on this blog at  We have 20 reps who participated and are putting their necks on the line, showing their recruiting results.  There are 400 credits up for grabs, payable to the top 4 recruiters.  I have no idea who will win, but I will say congratulations to the current leaders, Kerry Pittington and Diane Davis, who each had 3 guests between Tue. & Wed.

If I left anyone off the scoreboard who wanted to join, let me know ASAP.  I scoured my email to make sure I didn’t miss anyone …  Also, if your guest count is wrong, let me know that, too.

If you were in the August airline ad co-op and you received the 250 leads, when you dial them have you struggled to get someone to even listen to you? I sure did.  So I altered my script slightly and it’s worked better for me.  Here you go:

“Is Herman there?  Hi, my name is John Cini, and a while ago you responded to an ad about business – are you still looking, because I’ve got a simple way to setup a recurring 6-figure annual income.”

Notice there are no periods in my 30-word blast, because you cannot stop or pause at all – you have to fly thru the whole thing as fast as possible.  Otherwise, people usually will cut you off and say they’re no longer looking.  That’s what happens when you get old leads that have been dialed before, sometimes by multiple people.  Try my 30 words and see what happens.

Here on Sep. 7, at the end of Labor Day weekend, we still have almost a full four weeks left in September.  I look at the calendar and my first thought is, where will we be at the end of this critical month?  I say critical because for many of us, it’s getting close to do-or-die time:  if you want to have any chance at VP by year’s end, you have to hit SD early on, to leave enough time to have your TCs hit SD, plus add two more on top of those.

I’m having flashbacks to my dad’s high school lectures to me about college:  “Son, if you want to get into a good college, you have to get excellent grades in high school, which means you need good scores on tests right now.  Study!”  That’s where we are for the VP hunt:  dialing the fone and enrolling new people now is the key to having new reps hitting TC, then SD, and so on.  It’s not complicated, but it requires daily discipline to dial the fone.

As I’ve told many of you before, my job is to help you reach your goals.  But I can’t do that unless you share your goals with me.  You can bet that my upline reps (the 4 above me – McCarron, Pare, Doyle, Ashlock) know EXACTLY what my goals are!  Now I’m letting you know what I’m doing:  I’m hitting the reset button – I have to add many more frontline reps (personally enrolled) to reach my goals and also to lead by example.  I also know that after our nearly instant success, as a team we got into some summer habits that must be changed if we want several of us to earn that $1 million bonus.

There’s a lot on the line this month:

  • By the end of Sept. we all need a minimum of 3 reps and $6500 in credits from new reps, in order to qualify for the 50% bonus.
  • To get serious global market share, now that the entire world is open for DubLi recruiting, you have to have about 100 reps under you who are aggressively working.  If you only have 4 or 5, you HAVE to get moving quickly!
  • And if you want to position for VP by the end of 2009, intense action and results are mandatory this month.

Here’s specifically what I’m doing:

  1. Dialing the fone for ME at least two hours/day.
  2. Getting guests on every webcast I do.
  3. Making clear my goals and publicly committing to you that I’ll reach them:  personally enroll 5 new reps, get 2 or 3 new TLs from those 5, and help 2 frontliners go from TL to TC.
  4. Not chatting on the fone with friends in the business just to talk about “what might happen” or “who could do what.”  We have a great team that loves to yap on the fone for hours together (I’m guilty, too) – cut it out and save it for the Christmas holidays.  Now when I rush you off the fone or hang up on you, you’ll know why.
  5. Disciplining to limit my time to those who have clearly set, aggressive goals.

My schedule:

  • Morning till noon – my time for my own prospecting calls.
  • Afternoon and evening – time with downline for 3way calls.
  • Immediately following webcasts – followup time for prospects who were on the webcast.

My expectations of you:

  1. Share your goals with me.
  2. Work your goals daily and consistently.
  3. Attend webcasts every Tue., Wed., and Sat., at a minimum.
  4. Have guests on those webcasts.  (If you don’t have guests, then you aren’t building, obviously.)
  5. Respect my time – only call me with questions after searching my website/blog for answers.
  6. Know my schedule and book appointments with me in advance for calls.

Several of you have talked some serious trash about “reaching SD by (insert date here)” and “recruiting more people” than I have.  It’s time to back up the talk.  I still have zero SDs under me and no one has as many frontline enrollments as I do (20).  Those stats better change by the end of this month …

Remember:  we all win when one of us does well and creates a story that motivates others!  Be supportive of sidelines and share goals to inspire each other.  Think about this:  if only 2 or 3 of us reach the SVP mark and earn the $1 million bonus, what will that do to your business?  Will it help it grow even faster?  You know it!

“Expect more from yourself than anyone else ever could.” – Jim Rohn
“Very few burdens are heavy if everyone lifts.” – Anthony Robbins
Do, or do not. There is no ‘try.’ – Jedi Master Yoda


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