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Our Team Reps Are Dominating Again!

September 7, 2009

Our Team Reps Are Dominating Again!

After an incredible July when our team had 5 new TCs and a huge percentage of total North American enrollments, and then one of our new reps, the GM Group, set a record for the most total reps enrolled in a first full month with DubLi, we’ve got two more notable achievements happening.

Most of you know about the DubLi “SEO Contest” (SEO:  Search Engine Optimization) – if not, login to your back office and click on the “SEO Competition” graphic on the left side (direct link  The contest site says:

“Are you an SEO expert? Are you able to create a website with a high ranking within a certain period of time? If this is the case, you have already qualified for participating in the DubLi SEO Competition!  … DubLi is searching for the best SEO’s in the US and Europe. The competition’s goal is to create a website which has an excellent ranking at when searching for ‘dubli’.  The DubLi SEO Competition has already begun and the rankings will be identified for the first time on October 1st, 2009 (00:00 CEST). The winners can receive – based on their ranking, up to $47,000. … websites assuming ranks 1 to 7 … will win up to $5,000.”

The top 3 rep sites will each win $5,000 on Oct. 1, and each month thereafter for 5 months the top 3 sites will each get $1,000 per month for maintaining their position.

When you google “DubLi,” the top 5 entries are non-Rep sites:
1. (DubLi Corporate)
2. (anti-DubLi site)
3. (DubLi Corporate)
4.  “Video results for DubLi” (first listing is an old comp. plan video posted about a year ago)
5. (anti-DubLi site)

I’m not sure if the video results count as a “site” in the SEO Contest, but the first DubLi rep site listed is at #6,, owned and created by Alan Breen and Bob Barrie.  Alan is on my frontline and Bob is under him.  The truly amazing fact is that they created this site just after the contest was announced on July 17, 2009, just ONE AND A HALF MONTHS AGO!  Two weeks ago, their site was #15, and three weeks ago it was #21.  Most of the other rep sites achieving a high ranking were posted in 2008.  This is a fantastic accomplishment by our guys.  Congratulations and good luck to them in holding one of the winning spots less than four weeks from now.

Also, if you click on the “Video results for DubLi,” the second video listed is “How to monetize DubLi Part 1,” made by Kerry Pittington on my frontline and uploaded just TWO MONTHS AGO!  This is incredible when you compare how long the other videos there have been online:  the first video “1 year ago,” the third “11 months ago,” the fourth “5 months ago,” and the fifth “1 year ago.”  The reason Kerry’s video is so highly ranked is obvious:  it’s a brilliant explanation of how you can make serious money with DubLi.

Three important notes:

  1. If you’re reading about DubLi for the first time, you may be disturbed by the wild accusations and negativity found at a couple of the sites listed above.  We have a published statement that addresses all the inaccuracies and slanderous charges made on those sites, at, under the “Legal” section about halfway down the page (look for “Response-to-Negative-Press (pdf)”).
  2. Even with all the “SEO” attention here, we don’t encourage or teach reps to pursue SEO techniques as a way to build the business.  If those types of methods were all that is needed to grow DubLi, then the company wouldn’t need a rep force.  The experts I named above will confirm the fact that 95% of your business will develop from “warm market” contacts, in other words, people you know.  Follow our proven system of duplication!
  3. Your own personal website can nonetheless be a great tool to impress those you know with your commitment and knowledge, in addition to being the fastest, most convenient way to share information with others.  I’ve got one at and Jim Pare above me has one, and Alan Breen designed both of them.  Because so many people asked Alan for one, he put together a spectacular site for reps to personalize at a very reasonable price.  For all the details, go to

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