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DubLi Update From John Cini: Fall Blastoff!

August 31, 2009

Because of all the new changes announced this month, we expect September to be our biggest month in DubLi.  We’re working VERY hard to make it so.  I hope you’re paying attention right now – this is a critical time.

For new reps to maximize Sep. income, you’ll want to get the 50% bonus.  But to do so, you have to have qualified for it in the previous month, which means at least reaching the Team Leader (TL) rank, which means simply enrolling 3 personal reps.  In other words, to have a huge Sep. payday, you need to leave Aug. with 3 frontliners.  Aug. ends at 6pm Monday.

For my downline only (sorry):  Did you forget to email me that you’re participating in our tournament?  Shoot me a message right now if you want in!  The contest starts Tuesday and runs the entire month.

When you watch our new recorded video at or, for good resolution click the “full-screen” button at the bottom-right.  The improvement in the picture is impressive:  you can actually see everything on the screen, especially the prices and savings on the auctions.

Word from Dean Mannheimer is that the long-awaited NASO will probably open mid-Sep., but definitely by the end of the month.  That’s the target, so don’t make any promises, and remember that I’ve been waiting for this since I enrolled at the end of 2008, so even if it takes two more months, that’s fine.

If you didn’t listen to Rik McCoy’s conf. call Thursday (recording on 605.475.6450, pin 8997393#, recording number 7028#), then you may not know the 20% bonus ends in Aug.  The $800 and 50% quarterly bonuses will continue, at least through the end of 2009.  The 20% bonus going away won’t affect our pay that much, but it’s clear the company wants EVERYONE adding frontline reps.  In other words, go recruit!

After the 30-day upgrade deadline has expired, it’s very expensive for new reps to discover they should have upgraded to Gold.  How expensive?  If you make $10,000 in your first three months but miss out on the 50% bonus, that’s $5000 you just chucked out the window.  That’s just on the first quarter, and $5k by itself is a lot more than the cost of upgrading.  DubLi has made it very clear there are no exceptions:  after 30 days from the date of enrollment, that’s it, period.  Ignorance of the rule won’t get you an extension.  We’ve had a few people learn that lesson the hard way.  It’s also important to note two other things:  1) you can only make one upgrade in those 30 days, from Bronze to Gold or Silver to Gold (not from Bronze to Silver and then Silver to Gold), and span includes anyone who bought the $175 enrollment package – in other words, it’s 30 days from the day your name is enrolled in the system, regardless of what level.

Make sure you tell everyone that DubLi just announced they will become publicly-traded beginning Oct. 1, and they’ll pay a $1 million bonus (yes, one million dollars) to anyone who reaches the top rank by the end of 2010!  In the networking world, those are two EXTREMELY RARE events, and we’ve got them both.  The company merger details are at

Happy Hunting,

John Cini
Sales Director
DubLi NA
703.ATM.KEYS (703.286.5397)
888.832.3208 find me anytime
Skype:  antipaper
Join The Evolution!:
Independent Business Associate

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